Day 3 – Le Faux

Another day, another wrong weather forecast. No rain. In fact, the sun came out.

I walked 18 miles. My legs are fried, but it was a lovely walk through forests and over rolling hills.

I met some Americans! Walked about an hour or two with Ed and Melody from Colorado. They are experienced hikers. They’ve hiked all over the world. Very fun to talk to them, and English was like music to my ears!

Billy and Ali (my son and daughter-in-law) were my prayer subjects today. Billy just got a promotion at work and Ali is starting her final year of her Masters program, so lots to be thankful for in their lives.

Bill, how do you keep from getting lost?

The trail is well marked. Every few hundred yards there are red and white markers confirming you’re on the trail. At turns the red and white lines point left or right. (See photos below.)

Also, I use an app called “”. I have a downloaded map of the trail so I can alway tell if I’m on track, even when I have no cell signal.

Keep your questions coming… I’ll try to answer one each day.

My lunch stop. No towns near by so I carried some food and had a picnic on this classic stone table.
Tower of Clauze. I’m not sure of its history but it looks cool looking over the valley.
Melody and Ed
Ed and I hiking. (Yes those are socks hanging on my bag. People dry their laundry this way.)
The long walk was rewarded when I arrived at this lovely hotel, my home for tonight.
Two equal sized red and white lines mean… you’re going the right way.
A left or right pointing line means… turn here.
Two crossed lines… you idiot, you’re going the wrong way!

7 thoughts on “Day 3 – Le Faux

  1. Bill,
    My son asked me yesterday after I showed him your pictures, “how are you going to keep from getting bored?”
    You have given me one of the answers: Pray for someone each day you hike!

    BTW, I love your posts. short, sweet, and just a few pics.

    Enrique A.
    (met you at the shell ceremony in Hamburg, with David & Laura, from the Michigan Camino Chapter)

    1. I haven’t been bored at all. Tired, but not bored. The prayer helps, but so does the scenery. With you Spanish skills there will be so many people to talk to as well. You’re going to love it!

  2. Bill, stunning pictures and thanks for the continuing trail education!

    Here’s my question. What’s the early evaluation of your packing? Too much? Too little? Looks like Ed might have been carrying about the same as you.

  3. Thanks for great pics – so interesting with the captions. How are you replenishing the legs to keep them moving? 🙂

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