Day 29 – Navarrenx

The hills are back. Big hills mean a challenging hike. It was especially tough since I had to go 19 miles. Started at 6:00am to miss the heat again. This is my last long stage for a while. Should be able to leave later the next few days.

I really enjoyed this stage. I’m definitely stronger than when I started. I’m ready for the mountains. (I think!)

Bill, have you learned any more French customs?

When you’re done with your meal, place you fork and knife parallel with each other and in the middle of the plate with the fork facing up. Anything else means you’re still eating.

Butter is the condiment of choice on a ham sandwich.

Pay your bill at the counter. (I don’t recall paying like this in Paris, so maybe it’s more of a rural or small town thing.)

A couple of my new Pilgrim friends. These guys really rock.
Love seeing the old farm buildings along the trail. This one with palm trees!
Lots of hills today, but that always means nice views.
The Navarrenx walls.
My dinner companions last night. From the South of France. One couple owns a vineyard.
We had a goat cheese salad then duck.
Video tour of the walls of Navarrenx.
Bonus video. Caricatures of business owners in Navarrenx. So cool. Ann Arbor should do this.

4 thoughts on “Day 29 – Navarrenx

  1. Bill: “A couple of my new Pilgrim friends. These guys really rock.” That is such a Bill joke!

    Do you typically hike alone or will you join up and hike with other pilgrims? I know you’ve mentioned dinners in the evening with others but I’m curious if you do more of the trail solo and pass by/get passed by other pilgrims.

    1. I say “Bonjour” and follow up with “Parles vous Ingles?” If they do, I usually chat for a few minutes. Other than that, walk by myself. Many like that, I think.

      I’ve got 4 friends from USA. Three are no longer on trail. Tracy from SF is still here. We’ll be in same towns til Saturday then we won’t see each other.

      Starting Sunday there will be a million English speakers. It will be totally different.

  2. Always informative and jocular. Thx for sharing. I loved the fortress town. Also, what would my caricature look like??!! Perish the thought.

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