Day 30 – Saint-Palais

Beautiful views of the Pyrenees most of today. A pretty easy 13 mile hike.

Finished in the small town of Aroue which has very few lodging and food options, so like many pilgrims, I got a ride to the much larger Saint-Palais down the road. It’s a lovely village and I have a nice hotel room right on the town square.

Two days of hiking left in France, then a rest day on Sunday. Monday, I enter Spain.

Over every hill the Pyrenees appeared. Made today’s hike very pleasant.
48 km to my last stop in France. Then 22 km into the mountains on Monday.
Chicken kabob dinner last night. Only the second time that I’ve had chicken this month. Beef, lamb, duck, and pork are much more prevalent in the regions that I’ve been in.
Saint-Palais is lovely. It’s a bit busy with some traffic but still a nice stop.
The town square in Saint-Palais. Bonus points if you see my clothes drying in the window.
A couple clips from today.

4 thoughts on “Day 30 – Saint-Palais

  1. Bill, I really enjoy reading about your travels every day. When do you actually book your room for each night? Is there a chance you won’t have a place to stay?

  2. Sounds like an enjoyable day. I have a follow up to Mary’s question a few days ago about pilgrims today vs centuries ago. Modern pilgrims will presumably catch a ride to the airport. How did the pilgrims from yesteryear get back home?

    1. This I know… they walked! Pilgrimage was a two way trip for them. Some still do this today, but you’re right, most catch a flight or train from Santiago!

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