Day 32 – Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port

France is done and dusted. Now its time for tapas and sangria. France was great but looking forward to the change.

Easy 12 mile walk today. Arriving in SJPDP was great. There are so many pilgrims here. The streets are buzzing. I’ve heard more native English speakers here than all the rest of France combined!

I have a rest day tomorrow, so I’ll try to capture some of the vibe and share it with you tomorrow.

The last red and white flag on the trail. The gate to town marks the end of the French trail (although we’re still a few miles from Spain). New trail starts in town.
A lot of friendly animals on the trail today. Here’s me with my friend Bessy.
This foal came up to me, but then Mom stepped in. She doesn’t trust Pilgrims, I guess.
Tracy from SF and I agreed a couple of days ago to meet up at the Michelin star restaurant in SJPDP to celebrate getting to the halfway point. She’s going to take a 3 day break at San Sebastien before she continues to Santiago. So,this will be the last time we see each other. I’m thankful for her company. It’s been really nice to have an American to eat with every few days. BTW… meal was fantastic.
Too many food photos from lunch to share them all but this was my entrée. Translation was something like “lamb sweetbread.”
Grilled scampi.
I’m not even sure what all of this was, but it was amazing.
Here were the rude pilgrims that blocked the trail this morning. Dare I say… they weren’t a bit sheepish about their behavior? Yes, I dare.

5 thoughts on “Day 32 – Saint-Jean-Pied-du-Port

  1. Congrats on making it halfway! Can’t wait to hear what Spain has in store for you. Have you encountered any vegetarian Pilgrims?

    1. Thanks.

      Not that I know of, but I know there out there. Some of the web site advise where vegetarian options are available.

  2. Goodness! This is my favorite post so far. Oh, those dear sheep wanted to let you “cut in”…. And the food photos are fabulous. Thank you for taking us along the journey. Your posts put things in perspective for me back here in PA.

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