Day 43 – Belorado

14 miles. Not a lot of great scenery, but had nice conversations with several pilgrims.

I’m 2/3 of the way to Santiago. It may be a good time to consider some lessons learned.

I can’t promise any life-changing insight, but hopefully something will resonate over the next few posts.

Camino Wisdom #1: Strive to be adaptable.

My family and former colleagues will happily tell you that one of my biggest character flaws is my impatience. And, I can’t disagree. Trying to be more patient has been a goal of mine for the past 20 years.

The Camino has made me realize that my impatience is only a symptom of another problem. Lack of adaptability.

I grow inpatient and crotchety when my plans go astray or I don’t get my way. When this happens, I think I’m too focused on what’s wrong, rather than how to embrace the situation and figure out how to get the most value out of the moment.

The Camino has presented dozens of situations where I have had to adapt, and I haven’t done it well. Then, in hindsight, I see what I missed in the moment and how I should have reacted.

I don’t expect a miracle and suddenly that I’ll be highly adaptable, but it’s something to work on.

The view out of my hotel as I left today.
Dinner last night with Linda and Chet (Tucson) and Urban and Anna (Sweden). It was a fun restaurant filled with many pilgrims we knew.
Stained glass in Grañon.
Today we entered a new region (León). As we entered the region, there was this map showing what’s upcoming in this area. Lots of walking still to be done.
A mural in the middle of Belorado.
Unfortunately, today’s hike spent a great deal of time near a busy road.
I guess this is where priests get bread for Communion.

7 thoughts on “Day 43 – Belorado

  1. I think this post is timely as I plan my first Camino. I too can be impatient when things don’t go my way. I’ll retain your words of experience and « adapt and move on »

  2. I agree with your assessment of being patient. Not one of my strong points either. I found traveling under your own power for weeks at a time gives you insight into it. At times there is not a thing you can do to hurry it up or to change the situation. And that it generally works out just fine. I have learned to go with the flow from my travels. Thanks for sharing this insight.

  3. Thank you for the fabulous, daily posts – so rich in information, humor, and Billness! I’m heading to France tomorrow with my husband and two friends for (a MUCH shorter) hiking trip and will utilize lots of your tips and insights. And I might have a little duct tape with your name on it…

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I’m guessing the richest insights will occur after you are home and your mind processes the experience. For now, be present in the moment. Soak it all up and let lessons learned occur in time.
    Thanks, again, for sharing your amazing journey with us.

  5. I try to remember that when things go awry that it will usually lead to a good story to tell afterwards. Helps me in the moment. Apparently there sre a lot of us who share your impatient trait…

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