Day 54 – Leon

Back in the big city.

Although the walk was one of the least attractive of my whole Camino, it went quickly and was quite enjoyable since I talked with Walter from Louisiana for a couple of hours.

Bill, what’s the nicest place you have stayed?

That’s easy. It’s where I am today. Parador Leon.

According to Wikipedia… In Spain since 1928, a Parador is a state-owned luxury hotel usually located in a converted historic building such as a monastery or castle or in a modern building in a nature area with a special appeal or with a panoramic view of a historic and monumental city.

I’m staying at a Parador tonight and the two nights when I’m in Santiago.

Walking toward Leon. Big cities require a lot of urban walking as you approach the town center. This is usually the least attractive sections of the Camino.
Tapas lunch. Tomato and ham on toast with olive oil. I was starving and this was pretty much all I could find.
The Cathedral in Leon.
Tonight’s dinner restaurant. Not. (“Auto” means drive-through, I believe.)
Parador Leon. Yes, this is where the characters stayed in “The Way.” I know you all saw it.
The streets of Leon.
Dried fruits in the market in Leon.
Video: Parador Leon.

2 thoughts on “Day 54 – Leon

  1. Very cool pictures from Leon!
    Glad it’s going well and I can tell you are really enjoying your perk of the stay at the Parador.
    Thanks for sharing and keep up the bien camino!

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