Day 56 – Astorga

Hills. Trees. Yeah! The straight flat Meseta is finally behind us.

I recovered really well from yesterday’s hard day. My spirits are high and the improved scenery has helped revive me. I’m ready for the final two weeks including hiking over the Montes de León (mountains of León).

Astorga is fantastic. Only a population of 12,000 but it feels bigger. Lots of activities and sites.

I’m Going to dinner later with 6 other Americans. Restaurant opens at 8:30pm. I’ll never get used to the late meals here.

Dinner last night. Pumpkin soup. Chicken with sweet potatoes and zucchini. All home grown. All homemade. A lovely dinner with wonderful people. Eduardo, Lucy, Wilfredo, Clara and Dave.
Much prettier trails today. The mountains can be seen in the distance. I start uphill tomorrow and I should go over the high point on Thursday.
My favorite bridge so far… Puente de Órbigo. It was built 1400 years ago. It’s about 204 meters long.
Selfie on Puente de Órbigo.
Astorga in the distance.
Astorga main square. My hotel is on the right. My room looks out over the square. Costs less than 1/3 of what the Parador cost, but it’s my favorite room so far.
Gaudi Palace. I had a chance to tour it this afternoon.
Shirley and I next year?

4 thoughts on “Day 56 – Astorga

  1. That last photo is adorable!

    I’m curious about your gear – is there something you packed that turned out to not be needed? Have you seen something that other hikers have that you wish you had thought to bring?

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