Training FAQ! (30 Days to Camino)

“How much walking are you doing to get ready?”

In the words of a former colleague… “A f%ckton.” Of course, I’d never use language like that. 😉

Interestingly, some pilgrims don’t train for the Camino. Instead, they “walk themselves into shape” on the trail. To me, that seems like a recipe for blisters and sore feet. I’ve taken the opposite approach. I figure if I put in the miles now, I can enjoy more of the Camino later.

“How’s your old man body holding up?

I haven’t fallen apart yet. I’ve had some foot soreness and a couple small blisters, but overall, doing pretty well.

“Is your fully loaded backpack crushing your soul?”

I thought it would, but it turns out backpacks are designed to put nearly all the weight on your hips, which makes carrying it much easier than I anticipated.

“How do you keep from getting bored on your long walks?”

I listen to books, podcasts and music. I even listened to a 48-hour biography of Ulysses S. Grant by Ron Chernow. Which begs the question…. doesn’t that man have an editor?

“Are you ready?”

I think so. Now I just have to avoid injuries, COVID and cars.

I say “cars” because in June, I was hit by a car while riding my bike. The driver turned left in front of me as I crossed legally at a crosswalk. She was going so fast that her wheels squealed, but somehow she swerved enough to just hit my front tire, and miss my body. It was really, really scary, but I’m happy to report no injuries. Another few inches, and my Camino (and maybe more) would have been history.

“Can you share your training program?”

The table below summarizes my weekly walking targets. I try to take one rest day each week.

My long day was last weekend. I ended up doing 21 miles. Over 51,000 steps.

6 thoughts on “Training FAQ! (30 Days to Camino)

  1. Love the training regimen. It will pay off when you hit the road for real. Do you plan to adjust your walk time based on time of day or temperature (e.g. do most of it during the cooler morning/evening hours)?

    1. I expect most of the walking to be between 7AM and 2PM. So mostly out of heat of the day.

      When I start in August it will be hot but when I finish in November it will likely be cold in the mornings so may need to adjust.

  2. I LOVE that you’re putting in the training ahead of time. Tim and I did 25,000 steps on mostly flat terrain one day. For fun. Without thinking about it ahead of time. Ouch. I have never had so many blisters and aches.

    What pack did you go with? It looks a little like one of my Ospreys.

    1. If you can do 25,000, you can do the Camino!

      Yes, have an Osprey 34. From what I can tell, it’s the perfect size. One of the many things I got at REI. I spent way too much there!

      Great to hear from you. Hope all is well.

      1. Thanks! It’s creepy watching the pack in the video though. Looks like magic. Be well!

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