Camino prayers. (10 days to Camino)

For 10 centuries, men and women have walked “The Way” mostly for religious reasons. On the Camino, they have sought blessings, paid penance, and looked for a closer relationship with God.

With that in mind, I’m going to try to use my time on the Camino to develop a deeper prayer life. Each day, I’ll focus my prayers on one or more of my family and friends. I’ll put the names of each day’s prayer subjects on the top of my shoes, so I see them over-and-over again as I walk. I’ll use that as a constant reminder to think about and pray for that day’s subjects.

Below is my prayer list. If I’ve forgotten you, and you would like to be included, please let me know. If possible, I’ll try to reach out to each day’s prayer subjects via text or email, when I’m on the Camino.

If you feel called to more prayer, maybe you could do the same thing while I’m on my hike. Build your own prayer list, and pray for them over this two and a half month period. If so, I’d appreciate it if you would include me in your list.

My flight leaves Sunday, August 14 around 9:00PM. If all goes as planned, next time you hear from me, I should be in France.

Aug 16Shirley Wrobleski 
Aug 17Erika & Brent ShoffnerErika’s Birthday
Aug 18Abbey WrobleskiAbbey’s Birthday
Aug 19Billy & Ali Wrobleski 
Aug 20Ginny Reynolds (Mom) 
Aug 21Tarra Cassick, Laura DavisTarra’s Birthday
Aug 22Lindsay & Julio Cortes 
Aug 23Bill Wrobleski (Dad) 
Aug 24Jay & Ayako Miura 
Aug 25Ann Farless 
Aug 26Sara & Chad RothermellSara’s Birthday
Aug 27Kevin & Macala Newland 
Aug 28Mandie Chapman, Rita Girardi 
Aug 29Hae Okimoto, Gwen Jacobs, Garret Yoshimi 
Aug 30Mitch Ochi, Susan Inouye, Scott Yamashita 
Aug 31Melissa Meyer, Heather White 
Sep 01Carolyn & Bob GansenCarolyn’s Birthday
Sep 02Carl Yoshioka, Jan Kawachi, , Kevin Kawabata 
Sep 03Vernon Yoshida, Michael Hodges, Chris Zane 
Sep 04Gavin Eadie, Dawn BrennanGavin’s & Dawn’s Birthdays
Sep 05Cara Kawano & Deanna Pasternak 
Sep 06Tim & Diana Nagle-McNaughton 
Sep 07Sean & Kaitlin Harrison-Nagle-McNaughtonSean and Kaitlin’s Anniversary
Sep 08Paul & Betsy Nagle-McNaughton 
Sep 09Carley Peterson 
Sep 10Rich & Ilene Arends 
Sep 11Jeff CrockerJeff’s Birthday
Sep 12Terry & Kelly Houser 
Sep 13Sally McNaughtonBob’s Birthday
Sep 14Chris & Courtney PetersonHadley’s Birthday
Sep 15Matt & Grace Peterson 
Sep 16Julie & Dennis McFarlandJulie’s Birthday
Sep 17Don & Jennifer Welch 
Sep 18Jennifer & Rich SparrowJennifer’s Birthday
Sep 19Tom & Brian FarlessBrian’s Birthday
Sep 20Michael & Trisha Flora 
Sep 21Mary Gram & Ed KamenMary’s Birthday
Sep 22Kim & Dee Dee Rhodes 
Sep 23Mary, Aaron & Evan GohsmanJohn’s Birthday
Sep 24Craig & Susan Merrill 
Sep 25Clark & Heather Brigger 
Sep 26Sandy & Greg Peterson 
Sep 27Laura & Rex Patterson 
Sep 28Tim Shuey, Andrea Bundy and Family 
Sep 29Jen & Mike Stedelin 
Sep 30Bob Flynn, Sarah Christen, Erik Lundberg 
Oct 01Alyssa Everson & Annie Speranza 
Oct 02Lara Blair, Jim Bujaki, Jon CrutchfieldAll their birthdays
Oct 03Tom & Terri NewlandTom’s Birthday
Oct 04Sean Costella, Zach Przybilla, Chris WoodSean’s Birthday
Oct 05Cheryl Seybold, Rich Cropp, Brady Hess 
Oct 06Tim Shortall, Tina Ruberto 
Oct 07Mark Campbell, Mark Saussure 
Oct 08Dave Gindhart, Jim Taylor 
Oct 09Lori & Chris Wood 
Oct 10Jim & Julie Slack 
Oct 11Dallas & Paula Slack 
Oct 12Bill & Peggy Stych 
Oct 13Greg & Lisa Shea 
Oct 14Nikki & Keith Cummings 
Oct 15Rick & Lisa Helper 
Oct 16Todd & Christine Zucker 
Oct 17Janet & Mike Talcott 
Oct 18Cindy & Ken Bylsma 
Oct 19Lisa Flynn 
Oct 20Walt & Amy Armstrong 
Oct 21Rick & Dana Biel 
Oct 22Jeff Flynn 
Oct 23Trish & Chad Dana, Braydon & Audrey Dana 
Oct 24Daryl & Ginny Lewis 
Oct 25Leslie Flora 
Oct 26Carol & Dick CrockerCarol’s birthday
Oct 27Greg & Peg Tewksbury 
Oct 28Mark & Lori HaskinsLori’s Birthday
Oct 29David Sweetman, Holly Nielsen 
Oct 30Rudy & Wendy Pataro 
Oct 31Chris & Jen LucasChris’ Birthday
Nov 01Steve & Kate Lambright 
Nov 02Mike & Mena MurrayMike’s Birthday
Nov 03Mike McFarlandMike’s Birthday
Nov 04Scott Williams 

15 thoughts on “Camino prayers. (10 days to Camino)

  1. Wishing you all the best (and remembering you in prayer!) as you prepare to depart on this amazing journey!

  2. Wow, good luck Bill. You are wise to have trained, walking yourself into shape would be miserable. Be prepared for what I call touring shock. On our bike trips the first week we were always hungry, couldn’t eat enough. And, of course, tired. It settled down after a week. You’ll do great. Looking forward to following your trip.

  3. Good luck on your adventure. I am excited you get to take this amazing journey. I will be praying for you.

  4. Bill, I feel so honored to be on your prayer list, especially as the 29th is also my birthday. I too have retired but much my time is taken up with eldercare so need patience and a gentle spirit is a need. I will be praying for safety, insight and definitely a renewal of your prayer life.

    1. I did not know it was your birthday! I appreciated your kindness to me in Hawaii. You will always hold a warm place in my heart.

  5. Hi Bill — what you are doing is so amazing! I’m not on LinkedIn much but I learned of your plan there and have been following your progress. A pilgrimage seems like a good transition into retirement. (I’m very near retirement myself.) I will pray for you and would like to be added to your prayer list if possible. Thanks.

  6. Bonjour Bill. Beautiful pilgrimage. I’ll keep you and your in my prayers. Thanks for sharing your journey. Congrats on your retirement & best of luck on your adventures.

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