Day 0 – Le Puy-en-Velay

Well, I made it to the starting line of this crazy Journey.

I arrived in Le Puy today after an evening in Lyon. Le Puy is a charming town with a walkable old center dominated by two large hills. One hill has an ancient chapel built at its top, and the other has a Cathedral and a gigantic statue of Mary and Jesus. I made the climb to both for great views.

Much needed rain is forecast for the next few days. Good news for France, but not great news for me. Tomorrow will be thunderstorms, so if the weather is too crazy I may have to skip the first stage. I’ll decide in the morning.

Good time to remember… over two months, I’ll have good experiences and bad. The trick will be to accept what comes, no matter what. Of course, that’s easier said than done.

The Chapel on Rocher St. Michel d’Aiguhle ( “The Needle”). Built around 950AD.
The Statue of Notre-Dame de France overlooking the town. Built in 1860 of melted down Canons (captured from Russia in the Crimean War).
The street leading up to the statue.
The view from Le Puy‘s Cathedral toward town. This is the location where the Le Puy pilgrimage begins. Pilgrims attend a 7AM mass, then walk down this hill to start their trek. Over the last ten centuries, hundreds of thousands of pilgrims have walked down this hill on their way to Santiago.

16 thoughts on “Day 0 – Le Puy-en-Velay

    1. I had the same question as Debbie! Congrats, Bill, on starting your adventure & I look forward to following along.

  1. Bill – Great photos and history. We can appreciate your concerns and know that you’re well prepared! We’re hoping for “less rain” and more gentle walkways.

  2. We’re watching intently and sending prayers for a meaningful and safe journey! –Terry and Kelly Houser

  3. I’m excited for you! It’s all about the journey, and that includes weather. I’m looking forward to reading about your adventure.

  4. Thanks for the amazing photos. I did an entire half marathon in the rain one year. It actually felt good. As long as the items in your pack stay dry and you avoid lightning, you can do anything!!!

  5. So excited to go on this journey with you 🤣😂 closest I’ll ever get! Gods Blessings upon you Bill.

  6. What an awesome journey, and thanks for sharing with us to allow us a sense virtually. safe travels.

  7. Hi Bill. I’m a lake neighbor. I still consider all of the Macs and their extended families as mine. I look forward to seeing your experience. Best to you on this incredible journey.

    1. Nice to hear from you! I think the Bundys should buy back their old house on Hawthorne. Get the band back together.

    2. Nice to hear from you! I think the Bundys should buy back their old house on Hawthorne. Get the band back together.

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