Day 5 – Nasbinals

Prettiest day so far? I think so. The terrain changed from lush foothills to rolling prairies. It now has a Scotland feel to it with stone walls dividing the farms.

Had some foot soreness today so I skipped a loop that went to a waterfall. It was an additional 2km and my feet said “no.”

Tomorrow… 21 miles. Argh.

Bill, how are the lodgings?

Many pilgrims stay in dormitory style housing with 4, 6 or 8 in a room. I’ve opted to try to find the cheapest private room I can. I don’t mind sharing a bathroom, but sleeping in a room with other people would be hard for me. I may still have to do it, but so far I’ve had my own room each night.

I’d classify all the places that I have stayed as 1or 2 star. They all tend to be in beautiful old buildings, but inside they are very small. I’ve had to share bathrooms about half the time.

My room in Aumont-Aubrac.
My room is Nasbinals. This is actually the nicest one I’ve had, with a view of town square and a decent private bathroom.
This was the view most of today. Photos don’t do it justice. It was “Magnifique,” as my fellow pilgrim, Marco called it. Marco is pictured in this photo. I see him and a set of other pilgrims each day.
There are crosses all along the trail celebrating pilgrimage.
The church in Nasbinals. My hotel is behind it.

8 thoughts on “Day 5 – Nasbinals

  1. So amazing! We watched “The Way” last night and was fun to think of you out on the same trails soon! Question – coming up on one week in, what has been most unexpected so far?

  2. Love the photos and descriptions. Pay attention to those feet, tough to go places without them in good form! 21 miles is just a 10.5 mile round trip, you’ve got this!

  3. They look like perfect accommodations for pilgrims, as long as the mattress is good. We walked 5 miles today and that was enough for me, I am envious of your mileage! Great photos. Good luck tomorrow.

  4. Each day I read your post gets me more interested. How would I plan a budget to understand the cost per day for food and lodging? Are you washing your skivies and socks in the bathroom sink? 🧐 Take care!

  5. Such an amazing adventure. The pictures are beautiful and I love the posts. We are following you each day, traveling with you in spirit.

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