Day 6 – Saint-Come-d’Olt

21 miles in the book. Exhausting but stunning views all day. Lots of downhills with rocky surfaces. Challenging but I did better today than yesterday.

Started the morning in pastures, and ended up in a steep river valley. This area has so much variety.

Seems like a good day to answer this one…

Bill, what surprised you most so far?

I researched this trip for so long, I can’t say I’m very surprised about anything, but one little thing,.. there are a hell of a lot of cows in this region. I bet I’ve seen a couple of thousand over the last few days.

The land is very rocky and hilly, so it’s not good for farming, so grazing cows makes sense. Not surprisingly, I’ve heard this region has great cheese!

Not sure this video will work on blog, but here is the sound of the Camino. Cow bells. I hear them often across the fields.
Usually the cows are behind fences, but sometimes, like today, we cut right through their pasture.
I don’t think the cows appreciate the views.
Aubrac. Stopped here for lunch.
Second half of day has lots of hiking in the forest.
Another day of stunning views. This one about an hour from end of today’s hike.

13 thoughts on “Day 6 – Saint-Come-d’Olt

  1. Your photos and video have been such an amazing addition to your blog posts. Love the sound of the cow bells. I’m finding myself longing to experience this walk for myself.

  2. Your photos and video have been an amazing addition to the blog posts. I love sound of the cow bells. Seeing and hearing about this makes me want to try the hike myself.

  3. Just gorgeous. (The views and the cows.) How have the temperatures been? Was the forest a welcome respite?

  4. I am just loving your posts and pictures! The views are beautiful and I can imagine how amazing this pilgrimage has been and will be as you experience the variety of landscapes and towns. Thank you for taking us with you. Thoughts and prayers are with you for a safe journey!

  5. Congrats on the 21 miles!!! Hope your feet don’t give you any more issues. The views are incredible!!! But most of all, “More Cow Bell!!!”

  6. Cow bells are wonderful! In blog for first time and reading every day. Thanks Bill for sharing this incredible journey!

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