Day 9 – Livinhac-le-Haut

Today was pretty ho-hum. The first half was fine and featured many nice views of river valleys and pastures. The second half skirted an urban area, and was visually unattractive. 15 miles. Hot. Reached 89.

Last night was special. My room was in a hostel attached to the Church of Sainte Foy (I think it was in a former monastery). I had dinner with many pilgrims and afterwards there was a prayer service for the pilgrims. The Priest asked three of us to come up and read a selection of scripture in English, German and French. Of course, I was selected to read the English (he must have spotted me during dinner). Cool opportunity to stand at the front of such an amazing church.

Bill, is there a way for me to experience some of this journey without walking 1000 miles?

Definitely. I think it would be pretty easy to plan a trip to France, where you visit Paris and other sites, then walk 4-5 days on this trail.

There are companies that will deliver your bags to your next stop, so all you have to do is carry a small backpack for necessities like water and some food.

Such a trip would give you a great overall sense of this lovely country.

Each night there is a light show on the facade of the church in Conques. The lights match up with stone relief and change to help make the story told by the facade clearer.
Plenty of lovely views during first half of today’s hike.
Example of the ugly urban portion of today’s walk.
My finishing town of Livinhac-le-Haut. My gite (hostel) is across the street from the church that can be seen in the middle of the town.

7 thoughts on “Day 9 – Livinhac-le-Haut

  1. Love that you did the English scripture reading. Has the language difference presented much of a barrier for you?

    1. I was worriedly about the group dinners, but usually someone speaks enough so I don’t sit there with nothing to do.

      In the trail, I say “Bonjour” mostly. When someone wants to talk more, I say “no Frances” and they usually just smile and wave.

  2. I’m just gonna keep peppering you with questions here and there as you already know that I think this is a fantastic journey you are on and that I am praying for you, your feet, and the weather 🙂 Feel free to ignore or answer what you can. Loving all the pictures and I feel like even though it is hot you are at least missing out on rain for now.

    It is still early days but I’m curious if you have found a “routine” with when you start your hike, stop, break for lunch, and whatnot. I know you have a general “need to get from point a to b” but do you have a general goal of “I want to get at least x miles/hours before I take a break?”.

  3. Just love reading your posts! The area you’re in now is a truly stunning part of France. It looks like you might pass near Figeac, one of our favorite towns — which Brian and I lovingly refer to as The Big Fig. 😁

  4. I really appreciate your blog Bill, I’m getting an education on the world outside the USA! Beautiful pictures! May The Lord continue to go before you, behind you and hem you in!

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