Day 8 – Conques

Today was tricky. I had the choice of walking 21 miles to a great town or divide the walk into two days (12 and 9) and stay at a very small village in between.

I decided to do the long trek when I planned a few months ago. Didn’t realize it would be over 90 degrees. Argh.

So I woke up early and started walking about 5AM so I would miss the heat. It was scary walking with only a headlamp through the forest but when it opened up, the stars were beautiful. The Milky Way showed the way.

Later in the morning, a made a couple stupid directional errors, which added a couple miles. My legs were strong though. No more days like that on the plan, luckily. I have a rest day coming up in three days. Good timing.

Bill, how’s the food?

Very good.

Lots of bread in France, though. Gluten-free folks would struggle.

Breakfasts are usually croissants, bread, maybe some yogurt, maybe some cheese and meat.

Lunch has usually been a picnic. Ham/cheese sandwiches (that’s a big thing in France) or Quiche.

Dinner has been where the variety is. Beef. Sausage. Fish. Salads. And local specialties. Very tasty and interesting.

Bottom line… you eat well in France.

My best breakfast. Whole tray was for me. 7 Euros. This is a good example of the kinds of foods served at breakfast. (Although this was nicer than most. Some are very basic.)
Agrigol is a local delicacy. Mixture of potatoes and cheese. Looks like mashed potatoes but has a thicker texture. You can cut it with a knife. It’s great. I’ve had it three nights in a row. Picture illustrates how they show it off as they serve it.
This presentation shocked me, but yum. One of my favorite dinners. Fresh river trout, salad and agrigol (in red dish). I don’t like my food looking back at me, but I can make an exception.
Best thing I’ve had. Freshly baked blueberry tarts in Aubrac. I sucked down two of these like there was no tomorrow.

One of the joys of starting early… sunrise.

Tonight’s town is Conques. It’s so pretty it feels like Walt Disney planned it.
My view as I write my blog post. Doesn’t suck.

9 thoughts on “Day 8 – Conques

    1. Good eye! That bag works great when I explore the town. Representing my peops.

      Only mass was first day. Tonight I’m going to a service at the Conques Cathedral (Church of Sainte Foy). Then a light show after.

      I’m staying in the Hostel attached to church. I think it’s an old monastery. Stayed in an old convent two nights ago. (Had a chance to attend a service there, but unfortunately missed it.)

  1. The pictures you post really are well done. So much of the architecture and countryside looks to be as if from a story book (you mentioned Disney). It will be interesting to see how the cuisine changes as you move from one region to another.

  2. I am assuming you have Bed and Breakfast accommodations.. King bed.. A/C.. Chocolates on the pillow.. Yes?

  3. Bill, I just started reading about your trip and I’m loving all the details! The views, the rocky walls and buildings, the cows and the rivers. Wow! I’m so glad you’re sharing these for those of us who will probably never make it happen on our own! Wow!

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