Day 12 – Espagnac

The trail I’m on is called “GR65.” It is part of France’s “Grande Randonnée” network of trails. Today, I took a recommended detour onto the GR651.

This detour takes me through the Cele river valley for the next three days. People tell me its the prettiest part of the whole trip. I should start seeing the scenery, tomorrow.

The day was pretty easy. 15 miles. Mostly flat. Biggest challenge was the heat (high 80s).

Bill, how do you recover each day?

Other than rest, I have a foam roller with me, and when the floor isn’t too disgusting, I stretch and roll my legs.

Also, I have a pair of Crocs. Ugly as Hell, but its a relief to take off socks and hiking shoes.

My brother-in-law Paul likes videos, so here’s one of me walking into a small town. If you listen carefully at the end, you can here my friend Sophie from Montreal calling my name from the restaurant.
Lots of corn today. Made me feel at home.
View near the end of my hike today, as I entered the Cele Valley. These cliffs give a taste of what is to come in the next few days.
Mossy trail as I walked near river.
The bar in Espagnac where I’m typing this blog entry. It’s cool, and literally the only one in town. Run by an ex-Brit.

13 thoughts on “Day 12 – Espagnac

  1. Thanks for the video, Bill. It really gives us the flavor of your travel. Looking forward to photos of these next days with all the beauty. Have fun!

  2. Yep, like the video clips too. Where are all the people? It looks like most places are pretty quiet and not a lot of people working.

    1. These towns are tiny. Most have populations under 300. Every week or so I hit a bigger town. Bigger means population of few thousand.

  3. Today was my prayer day! 🙏 Felt the positive vibes all the way from France. I think I’m a lost cause, but thanks for trying. 😆

  4. I’m watching the Vuelta and almost every day Bobke mentions the Camino de Santiago and points out places where pilgrims stay, etc.

  5. Don’t diss the crocs, man. They serve us in our times of need. Shall I send you some silver sparkly ones?!

  6. Following your progress with great interest – your commentary, photos and videos are wonderful. Having just returned from 3 weeks in Europe, I’m missing the freedom to hike so easily between villages & towns on the ancient rights of way, the picturesque villages and the spectacular views of the countryside.
    All the best for the remainder of your journey.

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