Day 13 – Cahors

Unlucky 13.

At the end of yesterday’s hike I felt some pain in my right shin. Over the evening it got worse. This morning I have a bit of a limp. I consulted with my favorite health care provider (Abbey) and the diagnosis was clear… shin splint. The main treatments… ice, anti-inflammatory meds and rest. Good news, it only started late in day, so I don’t think I aggravated it very much.

In my first journal entry on this trip, I wrote several guiding principles I wanted to follow on the Camino. Two were:

– Listen to your body.

– No regrets. Your Camino is what you see, not what you don’t. No need to regret what you miss.

With the three most remote and hardest days ahead of me, the decision was clear. Move onto the bigger city of Cahors and rest for a few days. Of course, this means I’ll miss the Cele Valley, but no regrets.

This morning, the owner of my gite was kind enough to drive me to another town where I caught a bus to Cahors. I was supposed to get here in three days. Instead, I’ll stay here for three days to rest, then I’ll reassess.

I hope to come back to hike the Cele another time, perhaps with family or friends? I bet Billy, Ali, Abbey and Shirley won’t be too hard to sell on the idea.

BTW… the car and bus rides were beautiful, not as nice as hiking the cliffs, but a blessing is a blessing.

Upgraded to a nicer hotel since I’m stuck inside for a while. Pretty nice view shown above. Still, I think I’ll go stir-crazy.

Back at you in a few days.

13 thoughts on “Day 13 – Cahors

  1. Hi Bill! So fun to come along on your journey. I used to have very bad shin splints when in gymnastics and used to tape my shins and that helped. Rest up and good luck! 🙂

  2. Praying for your speedy recovery. Shin splints are so annoying. It’s great that you had guiding principles to help with your decision making.

  3. Hi Bill. Glad to hear that you’re taking good care of yourself even though this was not part of your plan. God’s will not ours. 🙏

  4. Good decision to listen to your body and rest. It also gives you time to reflect. I will keep you in my thoughts as you take this break. Hope you are back on the trail soon.

  5. Your body must be telling you to rest a bit more. I used to get bad shin splints when I ran. Remember to stretch and ice it if you can. Sending prayers for your healing and recovery so you can start up again!

  6. While you were praying for us, I should have been praying harder for you instead of partying celebrating my birthday! I remember shin splints from my track days! Yes, listen to your body, Abbey and I love you attitude of being blessed by what you have already seen and experienced! Praying for healing!

    1. Thanks, I was a little bummed today, but have rebounded. Who could be bummed about what I’ve gotten to do? Your friendship and prayers are much appreciated.

  7. You are doing exactly right listening to your body and not having regrets. There are adventures awaiting over the next three days that don’t involve hiking! Can hardly wait to hear all about them!

  8. Hang in there, Bill. You’re an inspiration! Heal up a bit and get back to it, with some route modifications, if necessary.

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