Day 22 – Condom

No, they weren’t invented here. Although I understand that an enterprising mayor once organized a prophylactic festival to spark tourism.

Today I called an audible. I was supposed to stay at a small town because the hike to Condom was so long, but I noticed there might be a shortcut, so I canceled the room in the small town and sort of winged it. I’m sure that I missed a few cool sites, but I cut 7km (4.5 miles) off the hike. Total walk was 25km (15 miles). Most importantly, I get to spend time in the this cool town. It would have been a shame to have to walk through here without getting to stop.

Temperature is expected to be in low 80s for next 3 days, then we’ll get close to 100 for a day or two. I may need to tweak plans a bit if it gets that hot.

Sunrise leaving Lectoure. I really liked this town.
Map of today’s hike. Started on the right. The blue line shows roughly the route of my shortcut.
Most of the shortcut was on roads like this, and a couple paved ones.
Condom Cathedral. Completed 1531. It boggles the mind how they built these kind of structures 500 years ago.
Inside of Condom Cathedral. Most impressive church so far. Lighting is awesome and space is so big.
Yesterday’s video of me climbing the tower in Lectoure. Long video but a good pay-off at end.

7 thoughts on “Day 22 – Condom

  1. Bill – I always thought of you as an IT leader, cyclist, wanna-be surfer, and sometimes smart-@$$…. Tour guide was not in that list. Did you ever think that you would be taking such wonderful snapshots of vistas, chapels and villages, food and fine folks? Your posts are as good as any travel blog I’ve ever seen. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us! Stay strong and walk on!

  2. I played the video back at half speed to really let the tension build. Slow-mo, just like those hero shots in the movies. Will Bill make it to the top?

  3. Bill,
    Belles vues au sommet de la tour! Assez impressionné jusqu’à présent avec le voyage et heureux que vous restiez en bonne santé.

  4. Bill, I’m still enjoying your pilgrimage of the Camino. So many beautiful sights. Stay safe and I’m glad to hear that your shin splints are healing.

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