Day 21 – Lectoure

13 miles today. Started early so I was in my finishing town by 1:00pm. Plenty of time to rest and explore.

I’ve been looking forward to arriving in Lectoure. Reserved a room at a swanky hotel. A nice room every so often is great. I was hoping for AC, but that was wishful thinking. I do have a fan though, that’s a win!

Lectoure is gorgeous. Over 1000 years old. Meeting a fellow American for dinner later. Two nights in a row dining with a native English speaker. 😀 Don’t take the little things for granted!

Bill, what are the lodging options in France?

Gites … These are inexpensive hostals that usually have dormitory-style rooms. I’ve stayed at a few of these, but I sort of dread it. Very basic. Think 1-2 star.

Chambre d’hôtes … These are Bed and Breakfast style accommodations. The owner must live on property to qualify in this category. These are my preferred lodgings. Think 2-3 star.

Hotels … What you’re used to everywhere. Front desk. Housekeeping. Etc. I like to stay at one of these every so often to treat myself. Think 3-4 star.

Nearly every town we go through has at least one gite. The medium-sized and bigger towns have chambre d’hôtes. Only the biggest towns have hotels.

Things are different in Spain. I’ll cover that as I learn more about it next month.

The main street of Lectoure with the tower overlooking town. (I have a video of me climbing the tower but the Internet couldn’t handle it. I’ll try to upload tomorrow.)
For the IT infrastructure fans… A fiber optic access box in the middle of nowhere. Passed many of these today. Fiber must follow the Camino! That must be why the Camino calls to my soul!
At yesterday’s Chambre d’hôtes,.. Bertie was worried about me. He’s staring at my feet which are dangling in the pool. He wanted me to take them out.
The terrain in this part of France doesn’t change much. Rolling hills and farms punctuated with some forests. The Pyrenees mountains are out there somewhere though. About 10 days away.
Goat cheese salad. My new favorite.
Tracy from San Francisco. Met her and her husband Scott about a week ago. Scott had to go home to be with their son. We’ll cross paths again in a few days (if my plans don’t implode again).

9 thoughts on “Day 21 – Lectoure

  1. Watch out for Bertie! I’m sure Mike can tell you all about those flesh-eating French dogs. Dogs can sense when body parts are injured and ready to fall off. What’s your take on the beer? Are you ordering local stuff or do you have a go-to European brand?

  2. I will be very entertained if your video shows you climbing the *outside* of the tower, but I suspect you climbed inside.

  3. Hi Bill. What wonderful entries and pics. Hope your shin is feeling better and that you were able to continue. Just so amazing in every way!! Thanks for taking us along.

  4. Interesting comment about the fiber access boxes along the camino – makes sense as it is a public right of way. Over the English Channel in Britain, the canal system has been used very effectively to run fiber along the tow paths. The proceeds from charging private networking companies to run their fiber along the canals has really helped to restore the canal infrastructure.
    Oh, I really like the videos in addition to your comments and photos. Glad the shin splint issue has subsided.

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