Day 24 – Eauze

11 miles today. Cool and rainy in the AM but cleared up after about 90 minutes of walking.

I have one more short day tomorrow, then four long ones in a row. My leg is getting better, so I’m pretty confident, but if I have issues I’ll adjust. Only 8 more days of hiking left in France.

Bill, have you picked up any French?

I’m embarrassed to say, not a lot. I know a few basic things, but so many people know a little English that it’s been easy to get by.

I think I’m going to work on my Italian again when I get home. Languages are hard for me to learn, but seeing so many bilingual people makes me want to try.

There are occasionally snack shops on the trail. Not enough, unfortunately, but today I visited this one. Great shop. Got a banana smoothie!
Leaving the town of Lamothe. Photos of pilgrims by a local artist.
Nice saying on the trail.
About half of today, I walked along and through vineyards. They make good wine in this region but they are especially famous for Armagnac, a liquor.
Cathédrale Saint-Luperc d’Eauze
Repairs underway in the cathedral.
My lodging and dinner site for tonight in Eauze. It’s a very nice one right across from the Cathedral.
Here’s a video of leaving town this morning and of one of the vineyards I saw.

8 thoughts on “Day 24 – Eauze

  1. I’m reinvigorated by your resolve to learn Italian. I’ve heard good things about Duolingo. Bob is a big fan. And my daughter has been using it for a long time. I tried it for a few days, but this work thing is really starting to crimp my lifestyle! I’ll try again after I retire.

  2. Looks amazing Bill! So glad you are doing this and sharing it with all of us. Myron and I will miss you tomorrow at our Hawaii tailgate, please stop by sometime this fall when you are back from this amazing experience!

  3. Keep it going Bill! Enjoying your posts. I hope you are spreading our campaign message abroad! I’m telling people I have a grass roots effort going on in Europe 😉

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