Day 25 – Nogaro

22 km (13.6 miles). Pretty flat and cool, so pretty easy as stages go. The tougher ones start tomorrow.

I’m really in a rhythm now. Each day is the same. Only difference is the town. Even so, it’s not boring at all. Time flies.

Bill, you only show photos of the nice things. How much is ugly that you’re hiding?

In France they have specifically routed these trails for scenic value. Rarely do you go straight from one point to another, because they try to keep it pretty, even if it means walking further.

With that said, each day has sections that are unattractive. Usually it’s when we walk along a busy road or when we walk through the outskirts of a bigger city.

Even so, I think the unattractive parts are only about 5%, so I’m not hiding much. I’ve included some ugly examples at the bottom of this post.

Crossed the prime meridian today. Zero degrees longitude.
The Pyrenees Mountains were clearly visible on the horizon today. I’ll be crossing those starting September 19.
Bull ring in Manciet.
Eglise Notre-Dame-de-la-petite in Manciet.
More of those cool pilgrim photos along the trail today.
Lots of vineyards again today. These grapes looked more like what I was expecting.
Ugly Site Example: Junkyard as we entered the town of Saugues.
Ugly Site Example: Busy road we were on today for about 1/2 mile.

One thought on “Day 25 – Nogaro

  1. Even the Ugly Sites are somewhat interesting — different from what you’d expect to see here in the US.

    Thanks for continuing to post all the photos. It’s almost like being there (well, not really). I look forward to reading your reflections each day.

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