Day 34 – Roncesvalles

Wow. What a great day. I’ve waited years to do this iconic hike, and it did not ddisappoint. Fantastic views. Challenging inclines. Friendly people. Everything I could have asked for.

My GPS said I did over 6000 feet of climbing. That’s like going up the Empire State Building four and a half times. Even so, I felt great. The weather was cool and the inclines weren’t too steep. The hardest part was the steep downhill to the finishing town of Roncesvalles.

I met many people from around the world, and spent a lot of time talking with people from around the US. Very different than the France portion of hike.

I’ve done some amazing hikes in my life. The Napoli coast in Kauai. The Cinque Terre in Italy. And more. But today ranks at or near the top of the list.

Sun coming up over the valley Looking back toward France.
Mid-hike snack at Orisson. Some pilgrims stay the night here to divide the climb into two.
A couple from Israel took my photo about two-thirds the way up. For most people this was the first hike of their Camino. Tough but beautiful way to start.
Many animals grazing on the trail today. Thru were unfazed by the river of pilgrims.
Pilgrims relaxing near the top of the climb. An enterprising businessman had a food truck near here, so many people bought a drink and took a break.
For you data freaks (I know a lot of data freaks).
The view down to Roncesvalles.
Tried to capture a few sites on the climb.

7 thoughts on “Day 34 – Roncesvalles

  1. This looks epic. And yes…you totally pinged my data freak heartstrings!!! You have hiked higher than Half Dome in Yosemite (4800ft)! So question and I’ve been wondering this since you started…

    I have to assume you are burning a crazy amount of calories, do you find that you are eating a lot more just to keep your energy up? Have you had to bring more food than you thought or are you fueling at the right levels you planned for so far?

  2. Wow, Bill! 6,217 is an astonishing elevation gain for a single hike! I’m actually in Colorado right now and a typical hike for me here is around 1,400 elevation gain. You certainly can eat all the chocolate croissants you like! Enjoy!

  3. Speaking of data, I would love to know how many people you are inspiring to do this hike themselves. Every time I see your posts with the photos and videos I want to head out that moment and start my own pilgrimage.

  4. Your photo at the top of the blog is amazing. We video people also appreciate the video montage. Plus the animal bells. Bonus points for those. Keep on postin’.

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