Day 35 – Zubiri

A very pleasant day. 14 miles but pretty simple compared to yesterday. Spent a lot of time in forests which was nice but limited some of the views.

Off to Pamplona tomorrow. Anyone want to run with the bulls? I’m actually a Hemingway fan, so this stop should be cool.

Bill, what kind of shoes do people wear on the Camino?

It’s pretty evenly split between hiking boots and running shoes (trail runners). A few people wear hiking sandals, as well.

I wear trail runners (from Hoka). They work great for me. Light. Soft. Dry quickly. Only downside is that after 450 miles, the first pair were pretty worn down. Glad I have a new pair now.

There is a percentage of the community that loves hiking boots. It’s almost religious. They like the ankle support, toughness on rocks and waterproof nature. More power to them. Just feels like overkill to me on the Camino.

Pilgrims in the morning.
It’s traditional for pilgrims to take their photo by this sign, so I joined in.
The trail down to Zubiri was nicely paved. I prefer dirt (easier on the feet) but this looked cool.
Apparently, I’m getting taller.
Bridge leading into Zubiri.
Former monastery in Roncevalles. Now its lodging for pilgrims. Roncevalles is famous as the place where the Basques wiped out Charlemagne’s rear guard led by Roland.

5 thoughts on “Day 35 – Zubiri

  1. Hi Billy!!! I just signed up for your updates. I’m just in awe of what you’re doing. Way to go, man! You are awesome!

      1. So funny!! I wish I could. Sadly, I’ve taken up pickleball in a big way recently, and I’m finding that my knees don’t want to do as much as my head does!

        Enjoy every minute and be good to your body.

  2. Bill,
    What is your favorite part of the day? Is it getting up and starting or is it the meals? Something else?

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