Day 41 – Nájera

Grapes. Lots of grapes today.

I’m now in the heart of Spanish wine country. We walked through tons of beautiful vineyards all full with big beautiful grapes. I didn’t taste any, but many pilgrims did.

Another 18 mile day today. My feet are a bit worn-out but the next two days will be shorter, and I have a rest day after that.

Bill, are you losing weight?

I don’t think so. I eat so much, that while it seems impossible with all the walking, I may be gaining weight. Even so, I’d rather be over fueled than under fueled.

Peregrinos (pilgrims) statue in Logroño.
The wine festival ended one day before we arrived in Logroño, but there were still bands performing until dinner the day we arrived. A bunch of pilgrims hung out and enjoyed the music.
Lake/reservoir near Logroño. This is the first significant body of water (other than rivers) I have passed since I started walking. You would see dozens of lakes if you hiked 600 miles in Michigan.
Walking into Navarrete. This town marked the halfway point for today.
What the views looked like much of today.
Guardaviñas (vines-keepers) were used as refuge for farmers and storage space for equipment. Only about 60 still exist in this region but they used to dot the landscape.
Video: Grapes, of course.

9 thoughts on “Day 41 – Nájera

  1. Bill,

    How do you decide how far you will go each day? I know you had this all planned out and you booked your rooms in advance, but is there a suggested guide or just “Bill’s plan”?

  2. Hey Bill! So good to be able to follow your journey. I went out for dinner……..(and shopping) with Becky and Shirley last Thursday and Shirley set me up on this site! Good to hear you are feeling your best and accomplishing your goals!
    So you may have already addressed this but how did you get interested in this journey? What do you do if it rains/storms and are they any animals that you encounter?
    More questions to come!!!!
    Prayers for you!!!

    1. I’ll try to get to them all. Shirley had s blast with you. Thanks for entertaining her, she’s very sad because she misses me so much. 😉

  3. Bill have you seen any interesting/different animals or birds? Thank you for letting us invade your trip!! I’m sure enjoying it… and my feet don’t really hurt at all!

  4. Bill. Sounds like it was a tough day. Do rest up.

    I was thinking of you today while I was getting a Pedicure with Christine. I highly recommend you get one at your next opportunity. I am sure they have a nail salon in one of these towns you visit. Do they?

    Those feet of yours need some Love.

    Always looking out for you my friend.

    Be good. Be safe.

  5. Hi Bill, This journey is So incredible and your pictures, Magnificent! I could almost put my hand through my computer & pick a grape, So Real. I look forward to your daily post. Take care & Thanks So Much for sharing all this!

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