Day 40 – Logroño

18 miles today. Sun is rising later, I now usually leave in the dark. Nice sunrise today.

Bill, what do pilgrims talk about?

Usually people start with the basics… Where are you from? Where did you start? How far are you going?

Interestingly, no one really asks “What do you do?” I like that. It helps create a classless group. We’re all just pilgrims.

People feel free sharing more personal things on the Camino than at home. I’ve discussed topics like alcoholism, mental illness, and family tragedies with people. It feels safer sharing here than at home.

Politics never really comes up. I think people want to get away from it.

In France, people brought up US politics to me a few times. In particular, they couldn’t understand our gun culture. (No politics in comments please, just sharing what came up.)

Los Arcos had the most ornate church yet.
Here are a few of my pilgrim friends last night in Los Arcos. Karl from the Netherlands, Cecile & Jay from Vancouver, Chet & Linda from Tucson, and Megan from Wisconsin.
Sansol and Torres Del Rio as the sun rises.
Camino graffiti.
Is it just me, or does this statue look like Rodney Dangerfield?
I’m at a nicer hotel tonight. It actually has an elevator. Which reminds me… in Europe they start counting floors at zero. So if you have a room on the first floor, you have to go upstairs to what we would call the second floor.
Video: what walking can be like.

6 thoughts on “Day 40 – Logroño

  1. The way you said, “I’m walkin’” brought to mind this Fats Domino song. I tried to copy the link to it above—I’m Walkin’ by Fats Domino.

    So glads you were able to persevere after your early setback. Keep on walkin’!

  2. Ok, I’ll give you lots of credit on an 18 mile day. That’s a pretty long walk! Keep ’em coming. I’d take your ‘boring’ day of walking over working all the time 🙂

      1. Soon. Very soon. PS – not looking forward to the UM/MSU game as UM will be kicking some Sparty butt this year.

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