Day 45 – Burgos

Rest Day.

After a big hotel breakfast, I spent about 90 minutes touring the Burgos Cathedral. Then I spent another hour at the Museum of Burgos. Very enjoyable morning.

My friends arrive in town this afternoon, so we’ll enjoy dinner in the lively restaurant area not far from the cathedral.

High temp for the past few days has been around 60. Starting tomorrow it will be in the 70s.

Made a trip to the barbershop. Risky when you don’t speak the language, but let’s face it, I don’t have much hair for them to screw up.
The altarpiece and ceiling of one of the chapels in the cathedral.
The Golden Staircase in the cathedral. Built in 1523, it served as an inspiration for parts of the famous Paris Opera-house.
Mural near my hotel which depicts aspects of the Cathedral like the Golden Staircase.
One of the dozens of display rooms in the Museo de Burgos.
Burgos indoor market.
More Burgos.

4 thoughts on “Day 45 – Burgos

  1. Now your walk is taking you through places I’ve been – from Burgos and Leon to Santiago and Finisterre. It has been amazing to follow your walk and I’ve really enjoyed the daily commentary. Spanish countryside and cities really do look different from their French counterparts!

  2. Bill – Your journey continues to amaze me! Wishing you and our counterparts (Jim B, Guy, others out there?!) a very Happy Birthday!! Enjoy and Cheers!!!

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