Day 46 – Rabé de las Calzadas

Unusual day. There was a Medieval Festival in Burgos celebrating their hometown hero, El Cid. (A military hero from the 11th century). So, rather than my usual routine of starting to walk early in the morning, I hung out in town until lunch and enjoyed the festivities.

My walk was only 8 miles today. Since I started walking so late, I saw very few pilgrims on the trail. Tomorrow will be back to normal.

The village in which I’m staying tonight is very small. Quite a contrast from Burgos, but a nice change of pace.

Walking out of Burgos was through several parks which helped minimize ugly urban walking.
Lots of open flat walking. There is lots more of this ahead.
Filled up my second credential. Should complete the third in Santiago.
More pilgrim friends. They may want to skip dessert.
My hostal in Rabé has a wall of thank you notes from pilgrims who have passed through its doors.
Video: Burgos Nightlife. As you can probably tell, I really liked Burgos.
Bonus Video: Burgos Cidiano.

13 thoughts on “Day 46 – Rabé de las Calzadas

  1. I’m enjoying following along, Bill! Did you ever see the 1961 movie about El Cid, with Charlton Heston? I don’t think I ever did, but now I have a reason to check it out!

  2. Bill, I’m enjoying following your travels, thank you for sharing. Given the recent strength of the dollar compared the euro, are you noticing an increase in your purchasing power?

    1. Yes, definitely. It’s amazingly cheap here. Dinner with wine snd dessert is under $20. Party pilgrim pricing, partly dollars.

  3. Great videos baby bro! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your posts. Have a great birthday hike tomorrow!!

  4. Hi Bill. Once our internet was back up I took a break from hurricane cleanup to catch up on your posts. You did not disappoint! Happy Birthday to you 🍷🎉

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