Day 51 – Sahagun

Still flat. Still straight. But only 11 miles today so it was pretty easy day.

Bill, do most people do the Camino alone or with someone else?

I think it’s about 40% alone and 60% as a couple or group. Those that are with others often walk at different paces and just meet at the end of the day at the same lodging.

As you might expect, many women do the Camino with someone else. Not all though. Plenty do it on their own.

I love some of the old trail markers.
Your feet get pretty dusty on the Meseta. That’s better than muddy!
Someone asked if you can bike the Camino. Yes, but sometimes the walking and biking routes diverge. I’m sure biking is fun, but it would be a fundamentally different experience since your interactions with other pilgrims would be minimal.
Good advertising on the Camino. They know their audience.
All the orange juice here is fresh squeezed. They often have automated squeezing machines behind the counter where they squeeze the oranges after you order. So good. Oh, and the chocolate pastries are pretty good too. (This was my snack after about 90 minutes of walking today.)
Great murals in Sahagun.
Another Sahagun mural.
One more.
Last one, but trust me, there are more.

3 thoughts on “Day 51 – Sahagun

  1. Bill, do you find yourself counting down these final days? With what feelings and thoughts? It’s been amazing to share this journey with you.

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