Day 50 – Ledigos

More straight. More flat.

The Meseta is definitely more of a mental challenge than a physical one. Even so, I’m enjoying it. It reminds you that you’re on pilgrimage, and pilgrimage is hard.

Bill, how’s the Spanish food?

In the big towns the tapas bars are great, and there are plenty of other options too.

In smaller towns, and places that cater to pilgrims, restaurants feature a “pilgrims’ meal.” It’s a three course meal with drinks (wine or water). These meals are cheap. Usually 12-15€. It’s a lot of food, so they are a great deal, but they get very repetitive. In smaller places, the pilgrims’ meal is often the only option. Most people get the pilgrims’ meal, but it’s not loved.

Last night’s pilgrims’ meal was really good so I included photos below.

Matt & Kristi (Michigan/Texas), Enya (Italy) and Heidi (Germany). We all agreed this was one of the best pilgrims’ meal so far.
Course 1: Garlic Soup. Still one of my favorites.
Course 2: Trout. This was really tasty. (Everything seems to come with fries.)
Course 3: Home made custard. I’ve learned… always get the homemade dessert option otherwise you’re likely to get something like an ice cream bar in a wrapper.
I got some questions yesterday about people with carts. There are a few of them out here. Here is one person with a big cart, and one with a small cart. On flat ground they are fine, but going down steep inclines, they can be challenging.
Video: The Meseta.
Bonus Video: I went to a guitar concert last night. It’s a special Camino guitar school where they not only teach Spanish guitar, but they build guitars as well. It’s housed in an old church that’s slowly being renovated. It’s funded by donations.

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