Day 57 – Bonus Post

I just spent a great evening at a festival in Rabanal del Camino. It was so much fun that I thought it was worth sharing a bit tonight.

First, we went to Gregorian Chant service at the local church. It was in Latin, and the echoing off the church walls sounded great.

Then we headed to a festival at a local albergue (hotel). Most of the town seemed to be there and they all knew each other.

Tess, a friend from Wisconsin said, “I feel like they invited me to a wedding.” That captured the spirit of it exactly. Everyone was happy and welcoming of strangers like us. They offered us food and wouldn’t take “no, thank you” for an answer.

We all agreed… one of the best nights on the Camino we’ve experienced.

The church where we attended the Gregorian Chant service.
Video of part of the festival.
Video of award ceremony for festival contest held earlier in the day. Winners had a choice of a leg of lamb, a wheel of cheese or a large sausage.

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