Day 58 – Ponferrada

Difficult but wonderful day. One of the best days yet.

I walked over 20 miles and climbed nearly 2000 feet, but the beautiful views made it all worth it. Everyone on the trail was happy and loving being on the Camino. Especially me.

Bill, what’s the most spiritual place on the Camino?

Other than the Cathedral in Santiago, it’s probably the Cruz de Ferro. This simple iron cross stands at the highest point along the Camino Frances.

Pilgrims leave a rock from their home at the foot of the cross as a symbol of the struggle of their pilgrimage. Symbolically, pilgrims drop their sins or concerns at the foot of the cross with the rock.

I reached the Cruz de Ferro today and left my own rock. I found the hike up to the Cruz de Ferro very moving. I was alone nearly the whole way and I spent a lot of time in prayer. A wonderful experience.

Part of the beauty of the climb to the Cruz de Ferro was the sunrise.
The trail up. Challenging but beautiful.
Sabrina from Cologne. We both started in France in August, and I’ve seen her on the trail more than anyone. I saw her again today near the top of the climb, and I realized we never took a photo together so we rectified that.
The Cuz de Ferro. It’s been in this spot for over 1000 years. Pilgrims have left tens of thousands of rocks at its base.
Gary and Linda from Cape Cod on the way down from Cruz de Ferro. We walked together for several hours today. My total walk was 7.5 hours and their company was a godsend. It mad the last few miles much more enjoyable.
Parts of the hike down was rocky and uneven which is always challenging.
The Roman bridge to Molinaseca. You know how I love old bridges.
The castle in Ponferrada. It’s gigantic and so well preserved. If my legs weren’t so tired, I’d take a tour, but I think resting is my best bet this afternoon.
Video: More cowbells for you delusional cowbell fans. You scare me. You should get help.

9 thoughts on “Day 58 – Ponferrada

  1. Your pictures and attitude of gratitude in this post is THE BEST 🙂 I’m with Deb M in wondering what kind of stone you brought with you.

    How’s the weather holding out for you? Mid-way through October and it is cool in Michigan but your pictures still feature plenty of shorts!

  2. How wonderful that you met a couple from Cape Cod, my hometown! I hope they convinced you to visit sometime. The shoulder season (mid Sept through Oct) is the best. I’m heading there this weekend.

  3. You are doing great, Bill! I hope that you have the opportunity to just “be” for a few minutes a day. Your journey has been beautiful.

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