Day 60 – O Cebreiro

Oh my. Today was tough. I think it may have been the hardest day of my entire Camino.

19.6 miles. 4500 feet of vertical climbing. But the hard thing was that most of the climbing was at the end.

Good news… That’s my last big climb of the Camino. No crazy hard stages left.

Drinks last night with Matt, Kristi and Katy. My nomad friends. Right now they are between official homes as they pursue travel. Katy is off to Turkey and Australia after the Camino, and Matt & Kristi are off to Greece to sail for two weeks. These people make us all seem boring.
The numbers for my data freak friends. You know who you are.
Leaving Villafranca del Bierzo in the dark this morning. I walked the first 10km all by myself. No other pilgrims in sight. Felt more like France where there were far fewer pilgrims.
Many great views today as I walked through the clouds.
Jason (Colorado) and I started walking together about halfway up the last climb. We pushed each other and picked up the pace, so we made great time despite being exhausted.
We crossed into Galatia near the end of the hike. About 150 kilometers to go to Santiago.
My hotel for tonight. The town is very small, and all the buildings look like this. Galatia has a Celtic history, so it’s not surprising that Irish music was playing as I walked into town.
Video: Chestnuts
I can’t believe I’m doing this… more cowbells. Please, let this madness end.

7 thoughts on “Day 60 – O Cebreiro

  1. Love your sense of humor! Whenever the most challenging comes at the tail end of a journey you come up with “No more cowbells”.

    Love it! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. Hey Bill, as you think about returning home after the Camino, is there something about the experience that you wish you could bring back with you?

    Thanks again for sharing your reflections (and photos) along the way!

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