Day 61 – Triacastela

My toe is mad at me.

56 miles of walking in 3 days over several mountains has caused my little toe to get pretty sore. It didn’t help that while watching Michigan crush PSU, I kicked it really hard on a table.

My only option now is to power through one more week, and, of course, to whine about it all the time.

I’m thinking about including a photo of my toe in a future post, so you have that to look forward to.

Bill, as you think about returning home after the Camino, is there something about the experience that you wish you could bring back with you?

I really wish I could bring back the Camino spirit of everyone liking and socializing with each other, but that’s not possible, so I guess I’d say…

I hope I can keep the practice of introspection and prayer. I’ve spent a lot of time on that while I’ve been walking and I know it would improve my quality of life back at home.

And… I’d also like to bring back the cheap prices. A glass of wine for $1.20 is hard to beat.

Taken yesterday, but this what the views were today too. This part of Galicia is beautiful.
Camino graffiti.
Ho hum. Another view of Galicia.
I appreciate all the trail markers in Galicia, and how each one gives the distance to Santiago, but someone went overboard with the precision of their measurements. Each sign gives the distance to three decimal places! That’s down to the meter. Really guys, one decimal would be fine.
They’re just taunting me now.
Video: More cowbells!!!

11 thoughts on “Day 61 – Triacastela

    1. Next time Bill will name it “A cute puppy!”just to get us to watch and there won’t be any canines in the video either…..Don’t fall for it.

  1. I’m actually okay with non-cowbell videos… but I’m also okay with non-toe photos. (Glad you got to see the game!)

  2. I’ve really been inspired by your photos and videos of the beauty and the pilgrims and the time for introspection, Bill. I hope you’ll find a way to bring the blessings back to your life here and let the new light shine for those who are seeking God in a deeper way!

  3. I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventures and seeing the beautiful pictures. Great stuff, except for that ‘watching Michigan crush PSU’ part, but otherwise, great reading! Safe travels!

    1. Met my first Nittany Lion on the trail today. Gave him a “We are” when I saw his hat. He didn’t like that I’m from Ann Arbor. Sore loser.

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