Day 66 – Arzúa

My last long day.

30 kilometers (18 miles). The distance flew by because I walked with Matt, Kristi and Katy for the first half, then Gary and Deb for the second half. Having such friendly and entertaining company definitely makes the hike easier.

We started early (6:00am) to miss some of the rain. That meant we had to walk with headlamps for a couple of hours. The rain held-off which was much appreciated by all.

My hiking partners today (Gary not pictured).
Rain was forecast for the entire day, and most of us had long days of 16 to 18 miles planned. After getting drenched on previous days, Kristi spent 31€ on new rain pants last night. So, of course, it didn’t rain. All of us want her to buy a new rain jacket for tomorrow! Here are Kristi and Katy walking in the nice weather!
Deb and Gary crossing the bridge into Ribadiso.
Kristy, Katy and Matt walking over a cool footbridge.
Small village near my finishing town. The closest I got to cows today. Thankfully.
My hotel tonight. Mural is part of a series celebrating pilgrims along several of the Camino routes. Sponsored by a beer company.
Camino Bill. Photo credit Deb Morin.
A hórreo. We see these all over Galicia. They are used to store grain and other crops. They are elevated on pillars to keep rodents out.
Another hórreo.
And another. We saw at least a couple dozen of these today.

7 thoughts on “Day 66 – Arzúa

  1. Bill, I’m so amazed that this many days have passed! Proud of you. Thankful to have your post to look forward to everyday. Sad to think of it coming to a close.
    Q. Camino Bill looks like he has been getting haircuts. Tell us about that?

    1. Camino Bill got a haircut back in Burgos a few weeks ago. Barber didn’t speak English so I think I almost ended up with a perm.

  2. Really enjoying your thoughts, words and pictures! I am joining the “cow bell” group!!!!!! What an amazing journey.

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