Day 65 – Palas de Rei

We have rain forecast for every day for the next week. Today it didn’t start until 11:00am, so I only had to walk in the rain for two hours. That makes a total of 10 hours since I started.

Bill, what do you listen to when you walk?

I try to walk without earbuds for 3 to 4 hours in the morning so I have time to think and pray. I usually listen when I’m next to a loud road or when it’s the end of the day and my feet are hurting.

When I do listen… it’s usually a podcast. Lots of Michigan football stuff (did I mention we crushed PSU?), and other favorites like Andy Stanley.

In Pamplona, I started listening to “The Sun Also Rises” since much of it takes place there. I’m only about halfway through, so I haven’t been listening to it a lot.

Occasionally, I listen to a Spanish music channel on Spotify.

Cool building in Portomarin.
Today, I took an alternative route to save some time, but not many people did, so I didn’t see another pilgrim for over an hour. I started to think I made a mistake until these two passed me.

Very cool ruins of “Castro de Castromaior.” It was occupied in the Iron Age between 400BC and 100AD. It’s built on a tall hill with berms encircling it. The Camino goes right by it.
Before the rain.
The trail (road) leading into Palas de Rei.
Video: Grey skies over Spain.
Video: For the loser cow people. You know who you are.

One thought on “Day 65 – Palas de Rei

  1. You are taking some really lovely photos. That cow was giving to the stink eye there at the end. Maybe putting a Spanish hex on you. Heading to Seattle this weekend to hook up with Shirl. Looks like we are in for cloudy rainy weather too.

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