Day 68 – Santiago de Compostela

Made it.

After an astonishing 67 days of good weather, today, I was hammered by a storm.

It got so bad that all we could do was laugh. It let up as we came into the main square though, so we had a chance to celebrate.

I’ll share other photos tomorrow, but today I’ll just share pure joy… my friends happy. Doesn’t get much better than that.

Champions Chet and Linda.
Deserving Dave and Clara.
Cool Cathy and Nathan
Victory for Victoria.
Terrific Tess and Beth.
Marvelous Matt, Kristi and Katy.
Joyous Joan.
Peppy Peter and Sandra.
Greatness for Gary and Deb.
Daring Derek and Jolyn.
Video: Santiago de Compostela in the rain. A little (or a lot) of rain wasn’t going to get us down.

56 thoughts on “Day 68 – Santiago de Compostela

  1. Oh my goodness! You did it! I have only been following sporadically so now I need to sit down and read front to back. What an inspiration to take this on. Wow.

  2. Bill, congratulations!!! I’ve really enjoyed following your journey.

    Coincidentally (camino magic?), I just heard today about an a cappella choral piece called “Path of Miracles” written by Joby Talbot about the Camino. If you’re interested in that, you can hear it here:

    Movement 1:

    Movement 2:

    Movement 3:

    Movement 4:

    I’m told people like movements 4 and 3 the most, in that order.

    I shared your blog with the person who told me about this piece as well as your recommendation of “The Way”.

    Thank you for all the inspiration you’ve brought us here on this blog.

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