Day 69 – Ventoso

“Wait, isn’t your pilgrimage over?”

Yes, but… my plan was always to continue walking from Santiago to the ocean. I’ve changed that up a bit, and I will walk to the ocean, but I’ll skip about half the distance.

So today I walked much of the first leg of the hike to the ocean. I covered 22.5 kilometers (14 miles). I walked out-and-back so I finished in Santiago. Tomorrow I’ll get a ride toward the ocean, then walk the last leg. I’ll take a bus back to Santiago again at the end of the day.

So bad news, you get a few more posts from me before you’re free!

What is “Camino Magic?”

It’s what pilgrims call the phenomenon of unbelievable coincidences that seem to happen regularly on the Camino.

For example, today I walked out of my hotel to start hiking and immediately bumped into Dave and Carla as they walked by my hotel. They are the only two people I know that are walking to the ocean and they had just started walking about ten minutes before. We walked 10 kilometers together which was really pleasant.

Coincidence? Divine providence? Who knows, but definitely Camino Magic.

Santiago de Compostela as you walk west out of town.
Most pilgrims stop at Santiago but many still continue to the ocean, including this guy with the interesting cart.
Eucalyptus forests much of the walk today.
The same trail markers are in place for this portion of the Camino.
More arrival celebrations happened today. Alison, Christy, Cathy, Nathan and Christy’s and Alison’s husbands who joined for the last few days of the Camino. (Sorry, forgot their names, I just met them today.)
Jay. (Not sure who he is pictured with.)

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