Day 73, 74, 75 & 76 – Madrid

1004 miles walked on the Camino. Time to go home.

I was able to move my flight up to tomorrow (October 31). Which means tomorrow night I will be sleeping in my own bed. After 67 different beds on this trip, that will be a true joy.

Bill, any last thoughts as you finish?

Yes… The amount of support I had from all of you was the biggest and most pleasant surprise of this whole adventure.

It seems to me, that all the pilgrims that have ever walked this trail have had someone on their minds while they walked. For me, that was all of you. Your nice comments, your encouraging words and your delusional love of cows helped me as I took over 2.5 million steps since August 17th. You are permanently part of the Camino history.

Thank you for your time and encouragement. I really mean it. It was so very important to me.

Bill, is this your last post?

Probably not. I might do one or two posts wrapping things up after I get back.

My mom said that the blog was fun for her, and that I should keep blogging when I get home. I suspect though, hearing what I ate for breakfast each day won’t be quite as interesting as a pilgrimage across Europe. Sorry Mom, no more blogging for me, maybe one of my sisters can start a blog for you.

Buen Camino, amigos.

This is the starting spot for the Camino in Madrid. I walked several miles on this route, and hit the 1000 mile total not too far from here. Note, the markings on the left, and above the window.
Spent Sunday afternoon in The Prado museum. It’s Spain’s national museum of art and houses one of the world’s greatest art collections. No photos allowed inside. Sorry.
Day 73 was actually in Porto. Chet, Linda and I had a great time exploring the Gaia area including wine tasting. So glad I met these two. They contributed so much to my Camino.
My hike took me to the “Plaza Mayor.” That means the “main square.” This is one of the biggest I’ve seen in Spain.
I’ve never been to Madrid. I had always heard it was busy and had a lot of traffic. That’s overstated. Yes, there are some big busy roads, but there are many nice pedestrian-friendly areas as well. Today, for example, this avenue was shutdown for pedestrians. I prefer Barcelona, but Madrid seems like a livable European city.

18 thoughts on “Day 73, 74, 75 & 76 – Madrid

  1. Safe travels home! Thank you for bringing us along on your adventure, it’s going weird not seeing your daily posts now.

  2. I have looked forward to your posts every day! Your mom is right, of course, the blogs are fun to read. Thank you for sharing your adventures and including footage of the cows.

  3. Bill, you don’t know me, but I found you through a MOR Tuesday reading. I’ve enjoyed following you on your journey and am sorry it is over. It sounds like it was the trip of a lifetime and it has me thinking about doing it as well.

  4. Safe travels home. It has been so fun reading your posts each day, I will miss them. It was really wonderful to experience the Camino through your eyes. Hope to see you in A2 soon.

  5. I had no idea I could look so forward to something like this -it’s been amazing.
    and you!
    -who I haven’t seen for what…ten years? Your willingness to be honest, and share your experiences, good or bad, laughs (the cows) or cries (your toe), made this one my most human times of the day. I always looked for it every morning. The Camino lives on!
    Thank you, thank you for sharing with all of us. And I’m glad your decision to do this came back to you as a shared blessing. It was indeed.

  6. Congratulations

    What a fantastic retirement transition. So, what next? I think we need to get together to discuss.

    1. Amazing journey, Bill. Thanks for all the prayers (our world and we all need them) and such a great blog sharing the journey. Truly inspiring!!

  7. Welcome home Pilgrim,

    In some near future if someone asks me do you have any friends that have walked GT 1000 miles I can say why yes,!

  8. Congratulations again Bill!!!! Have really enjoyed your adventures and posts!!! Your effort motivated me to get out and walk……….although a much shorter trek!!!!
    Hope this experience was even more transforming as you reflect upon it.
    Welcome home!!!!

  9. Amazing journey, Bill. Thanks to Carol sending the link I’ve been able to follow along. Impressive and beautiful.

  10. Congratulations on reaching your 1,000 mile target and completing your pilgrimage! Thank you again for sharing your reflections and your photos — both inspiring.

  11. I’m thinking you are going to be busy with your wife after this long 😂 soooooo we all can wait for a back home blog!!

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