Days 71 & 72 – Porto

Goodbye Spain, hello Portugal.

Yesterday, my friends Chet and Linda and I took a 4-hour bus ride to Porto, Portugal. We’ll be here until Saturday.

Today, I continued my Camino by walking 13 miles on the Camino Portuguese, which goes right through Porto on its way to Santiago. It’s an increasingly popular Camino route.

My Camino has now reached 990 miles. My goal of 1000 miles is within reach.

Today’s hike started in downtown Porto and headed down the Douro river toward the ocean.
The second half of the hike was along the ocean. I felt a little envious of several pilgrims that I met today that were just starting their pilgrimage. They were all so excited.
Yesterday, I explored Porto including the lively riverfront. This area is full of restaurants, bars, street performers and many people enjoying the fun vibe.
I took a walk across this bridge which is dedicated to foot traffic and occasional metro trains. I loved it. What a great resource for the city. it creates a spectacular way to connect Porto to the Gaia district across the river.
Nighttime view from the Porto waterfront.
Blue and white tiles adorn many historical buildings in Porto.
Inside the Porto train station.
Igreja de Santo Ildefonso. Our hotel is next to this church.
We took a food and wine tour today. Our tour guide is pictured along with cod cakes. This was paired with “green wine.” This type of wine is released 3-6 months after harvesting so its lower in alcohol and higher in sugar content.
Two types of smoked pork along with sheep and goat cheese. The pumpkin marmalade was great. I also enjoyed the Douro red wine.
Our tour group was great. Many interesting conversations. Seven from the US and two from the UK. Here we are tasting white port wine. Just as true Champagne must come from the Champagne region in France, true Port wine must come from the Douro river valley.
Three types of Port. White, Red and Tawny. Tawny is aged the longest and has a brownish red tone. Red and tawny pictured here.

4 thoughts on “Days 71 & 72 – Porto

  1. My West Virginia auntie still offers us to sit outside after breakfast and drink “juice” (aka Tawny Port) while we swing and chat under the covered porch. Fun to hear and see the origins. Ten more miles!

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