Day 7 – Estaing

15 miles today. Visited two absolutely beautiful towns.

First half of the day had lots of climbing but it paid off with many great views. Second half of day had 2-3 miles on busy roads. That sucked, but ended on a high with the stunning approach to Estaing.

Temps were in the mid-80s today, so hottest day so far. Hotter tomorrow. Water on the trail is plentiful, fortunately.

Bill, did you pack the right stuff?

The only heavy things I haven’t used are my sleeping quilt and sleeping bag liner. I really brought those for late October and November. Now its so warm they aren’t needed.

Only thing I tossed… a guidebook. I brought two and ended up only using one. I left it the other night at a hotel so another pilgrim may be able to use it.

Morning fog.
Morning fog blocked the view of the valley, but created its own great view.
Video of an amazing view of the Lot river valley and the town of Espalion. (I misnamed it in video.)
My lunch picnic view in Espalion. Wow, just wow.
Example of crappy trail on side of road. Thankfully, this is the exception, almost always we avoid busy roads.

Estaing. Worth walking on busy roads to see this. My hotel is visible just across the bridge.
After the hike, I took a dip in the municipal pool. Felt great. Best view from a municipal pool that I’ve ever seen.

20 thoughts on “Day 7 – Estaing

  1. Bill.

    I hope you did not just run and do a cannonball in the middle of the pool.

    Now that I have time on my hands I can pay attention to your travels. Be safe and thanks for the pics.

  2. Great pool and view. I bet after hiking in the 80’s it felt amazing! I’d recommend the jack knife though, better splash!

    Please tell us about your lunches. Are you mainly carrying bread and cheese or are there other staples you’ve been able to bring with you?

  3. Looks like you’re in the groove, Bill. You are inspiring all of us! Just don’t go too fast, you’ll finish too early. It’s amazing how similar of an experience you’re having compared to what Peggy and I had last month hiking around Mont Blanc. Lots of talking to Jesus, meeting nice people, pushing our bodies to endure the pain and reap the benefits of amazing scenery, and renewing our energy stores with food and drink. How’s that French food BTW?

  4. Do I spy one or two Roman bridges? I’m interested to note the trail, though ancient, is not wide. How many ppl do you “run into” on the trail itself during an average day of hiking? I’ve been enjoying reading your travelogue!

    1. Yes, Roman bridges. I love that they are still in use.

      On weekdays, probably 20-30. Weekends probably 50-75. Most repeat so you get to know folks.

  5. Your journey looks amazing and is very inspiring! I love following it each day. Rest those feet and continued safe travels:)

  6. Thanks for the daily posts. I look forward to them each day. I’m getting closer to wanting to do similar hikes…just not 70 days of them! 🙂

  7. I’m enjoying your posts and the great photos. I have a question, do you reserve or know where you are staying each night, or do you find it after you get there? How far in advance do you book, I’m actually assuming you book in advance.

    1. This is a controversial topic.

      Traditionally, pilgrims don’t book accommodations. They just walk until they are tired and trust that “the Camino will provide.”

      COVID had messed things up. Places have closed and there are more pilgrims due to a two year backlog.

    2. I decided to book several weeks in advance. I snore, so getting a single was important to me. Plus, it removes a lot of stress. Downside… I need to keep to schedule. No extra rest days or I’ll have to rebook everything.

  8. Agree that pool looks great. I’m assuming the view you were talking about is the mountains and not the guy in the speedo :). I’m finally caught up with your travels and it does look amazing!

  9. Bill, I am enjoying your journey and your blogs are wonderful. The views are stunning.wishing you safe travels.

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