Day 14 & 15 – Cahors

The best laid plans of mice and men…

I’ve spent the last two days pretty much sitting in my hotel room. Rest. Ice. Ibuprofen pills. Ibuprofen creme. Kinesiology Tape. Trying it all.

My status is not great. I walked about 1.5 miles this morning and I still have soreness. It’s not terrible right now, so if it doesn’t get worse, I’ll be fine. But, if I start walking and the pain grows again, I’d have to stop and head home.

My options:

1) Keep going. Continue treatment and hope pain doesn’t increase. Stick head in sand.

2) Stay in Europe to rest. Restart in a couple weeks. Essentially give up on most of the remaining France trail and restart close to Spanish border.

3) Go home. Comeback another time.

My heart says #1. I’m good at sticking my head in the sand.

My brain says #2 or #3

My heart won’t go for #3 though, so I guess its #2.

This means my enviable problem is that I need to spend 7-10 days somewhere in Europe. I asked Shirley to fly over but she’s locked into some travel plans already. So unless one of my blog followers gets on a plane, I’m on my own.

I scoured my options, and decided on Girona, Spain as my recuperation site. It’s easy for me to get to, and offers enough options to keep me entertained.

Cyclists will recognize Girona as the training ground of many professional riders. I may rent a bike while I’m there, since biking is one of the low-impact activities that can be done when you have a shin splint.

I’ll spend a week there before working my way back to France to restart the Camino. Probably around September 10, 11 or 12.

If the shin splint reappears when I start walking, well, that will suck, but I will have done all I could this time around. I’ll train better next time and give it another run in a year or two.

I’ll mostly put the blog on hold until I start walking. I’ll try to post once or twice though, to let you know if another one of my grand plans has imploded spectacularly.

20 thoughts on “Day 14 & 15 – Cahors

  1. Bill we are bummed right along with you. But health issues can’t be ignored. Good luck, take care, and enjoy whatever adventure awaits you!

  2. You are understandably disappointed Bill, but try to get too down. You’ve given us all a great vicarious experience and of course, “life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.”

    #2 sounds like a good choice — hopefully you will heal up and be able to continue and complete the hike. If not, you gave it a shot, and can return another day. Good luck.

  3. I’m sorry about this setback! However, Girona looks absolutely lovely and it will be interesting to spend more time in one place, in some ways. I hope the “new new” plan works well!

  4. I’m so sorry that this has happened, Bill. I can’t see how you could have trained for this trip any more than you did. Your #2 option sounds like a winner to me. You are in a beautiful part of the world so continue to enjoy every experience. Love you!

  5. I know you gotta give it another go, Bill. But, just think, if it has to be #3 you can go back with your sisters. 😀 Keep faithful. 🙏

  6. Bummer, but I like your choice of option #2. A new door opens with new adventures until you can resume the pilgrimage. Biking sound like a great “active rest” alternative. I remember you taking on Kalanianaole Hwy every day to get to work. I hope the trails are safer in Girona (must be if it’s a training ground for cyclists). Sending prayers for your recovery.

  7. Your health is first, when I was racing I had to remember the journey is the important part and you have already had such an amazing one. I hope you can keep going, but if not like you said you can always go back!

  8. I’ve been following your blog. Like you, I dodged the major thunderstorms two weeks ago while in Switzerland and watched the weather patterns where you were. Like you, I have suffered shin splints, but mine was running cross country in high school. They occasionally reappear, and recovery seems to take longer as I age. I think a week to 10 days rest is a smart move. I certainly hope this works and you can continue your journey. Take care!

  9. Bill – So sorry my friend. I like the option about going to Spain. Praying for quick healing and your patience.. 🙂 Stay strong!

  10. Bill – so sorry! However, a rest in Girona sounds wonderful. My husband and I spent a few days there a couple of years ago. Loved it!

  11. I agree option #2 sounds like the best plan but I can’t jump on a plane and meet you….yet. How about option #4 – buy a bike and do the rest of the trip by bicycle? I know it’s not in the true spirit of the Camino but may be an option. It would be an impressive ride!

  12. Shin splints are painful and persistent. I think option #2 is best. I had shin splints many years ago in high school cross country. Found elastic “sleeves” you pulled over each foot and covered your shin and calf. Approximately 8” tall. After resting to get lesser irritation, the sleeves helped keep the shin splints from returning or at least minimized pain.

  13. Sorry to hear that the shin splints are messing with your pilgrimage! I can’t imagine how you could have trained any differently. Nor can I figure out how they decided to rear their ugly heads up during your trip vs. during training.

    You know what your body can take. Do the best thing for you. You’re in my thoughts!!

  14. Bill,
    I’m so sad to hear you’ve had to reimagine this part of the trip! Shin splints can really linger but at least you have options snd I imagine you will find all kinds of ways to enjoy that gorgeous area. God might have this detour planned because someone needs to meet you or you need to discover or learn something at this point in time! So keep your spiritual eyes open for opportunity and trust the process. I so admire your positive outlook on everything! Hang in there snd I think all of us would enjoy other posts with photos of the sights you see during this healing time! Praying for Gods will and healing !

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