Day 16 – Lascabanes

After yesterday’s post, a podiatrist friend reached out. We talked for about a half an hour.

Conversation started with me saying “I don’t like feet or people who work with feet.” He responded “I feel the same way about IT.” With that sense of humor, he can surely be trusted.

Since I have no swelling or localized pain, he’s pretty sure it’s a shin splint and not a stress fracture. He gave me some advice on treatment and avoiding more damage. Importantly, he confirmed what Abbey had told me, I cannot do permanent damage by walking more. If the pain isn’t too bad, walking is fine. If it starts to swell though, I must immediately stop.

So… another change of plan. Instead of heading to Spain to rest, I decided to do a segment of the trail today and see how it goes.

I took a cab to the first town on the trail. This shortened the walk to about 7.5 miles. I can report I handled 7.5 well. Only mild pain. Unless I wake up with a problem, I’ll try a slightly longer stage tomorrow.

Statue near the Cahors Cathedral. It’s titled “ Shin splints.”
Dinner last night with my friends from California.
There are signs posted on some parts of the hike. Saw this one today. Google translate says it means “The views of the mind are not the way to me.” Explanation?
Recorded my progress along the trail today. It’s sort of long. Sorry about that.

11 thoughts on “Day 16 – Lascabanes

    1. I’m missing every game until middle of November. When I comeback I expect that M is undefeated. Don’t let me down.

  1. Congratulations on getting back on the horse (aka Camino). Hope you have a good night and feel great in the morning! The video is great. Gives such a tangible feel of the journey.

  2. Bill, I’m so glad to see that you’re underway again. I’d really like to do this too, and your experience serves as a feasibility study, so I’m cheering and praying for you from Florida (and Michigan and Virginia)!

  3. My personal translation of the sign is “The views of the mind are not the way to my heart” 😍
    And I’m glad you’re back at it!

  4. When you walk uphill the calves and the thighs do the work. When you go downhill, it works the hamstrings and front of your legs (tibialis anterior and peroneals on the lateral side of lower leg).

    I’m French Canadian. The better translation of the sign is: « the views of the mind are not the way of the heart »

    Buen Camino Bill. Enjoying your posts very much. Thank you.

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