Day 17 – Lauzerte

Operation Shinbone is still going well. Made 16 miles today. Pain is manageable and not increasing.

Today started out with a couple hours of rain. Poncho worked well. I actually enjoyed walking in the rain.

When I arrived at last night’s gite I was disappointed. I got 4-5 mosquito bites in my room, and I was so far from town I was stuck there. But everything turned around at dinner. Hans, the owner, cooked a great meal, and several of the other guests spoke English. Dinner lasted over 2 hours but flew by. The mosquitoes also disappeared. Fed them enough of my blood, I guess. Great pilgrim experience!

My lovely dinner companions. Enjoyed zucchini tarte, and something with beets I can’t explain. It was all wonderful.
My favorite dish. Cantaloupe in olive oil with grapes and feta cheese. Oh my. Loved it.
The storm approaching (and my thumb).
Lauzerte is on a hilltop with beautiful views.
Lauzerte town square. It’s fantastic. I enjoyed a beer here with Sophie from Montreal, Jean Ilie from Paris and Joanna from Greece.
Today’s video. Rain.

9 thoughts on “Day 17 – Lauzerte

  1. Hi Bill, I’ve been lurking since the start of this very wonderful and human adventure. Thanks for telling us about your experience and I love the pictures. I’m with Eric. Glad you can keep going! And it’s good that you can play it day by day. Cheers!

    Catherine Lilly Change Strategist || Executive Coach || Social Artist-Facilitator 734-717-6302 (cell)


  2. Glad you’re back on the Camino Bill. I find myself looking forward to your daily posts. Do you have alternative footwear, other than the hiking boots?

    1. I have trail runners for hiking and Crocs for the evening. I think the Crocs aggravated the injury on my rest day. Walked too much in them. My trail runners have custom orthotics for arch support.

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