Day 18 – Moissac

18 miles today. Moderate terrain. Did well.

I’m getting to know more people now. Walked much of today with other pilgrims. Ate lunch with Ivan from Lyon. Former basketball player who knew UofM from their basketball team. When he met me he said “you must be Bill the American.” Not many of us out here, so I’m famous.

Bill, have you learned any French customs?

First, they have bread with every meal. Its great bread, but man, I’d weigh 1000 pounds if I lived here.

Second, they totally clean their plates. I mean everything. They’ll scoop the last crumbs or sauce onto their fork with their knife. I asked about it and was told “We learn very early to only take what we want, and not to waste anything.” I sat a table of 20 people and every plate was wiped clean accept mine. I quickly cleaned up the last bits to save face.

Third, like other European countries, they eat late. Restaurants don’t open until 7:00 and don’t start filling til 8:00. Too late for my liking.

Fourth, they like their meat rare. “Medium” here is “rare” by US standards. I don’t dare ask them to cook it more.

Inside of Saint-Pierre Abbey in Moissac Shortly I’ll be attending a vespers service and a pilgrims blessing here. I’ve heard the nuns choir is wonderful. Don’t want to miss it.
So many sunflowers in this region.
A “pigeonnier.” A french traditional home for pigeons.
For $77, I got a private room with private bathroom, a four course dinner, a carafe of wine and breakfast. What a deal. This is course #2. Salad with duck. Included cantaloupe, grapefruit, and various vegetables with a lovely dressing. Could have been the entree. One of the best dishes I’ve had in France.
Course #3. Lamb. I was already full by this time. (Course #1 was a enough soup for two people. Course #4 was flan with ice cream.)
Breakfast. A coffee, orange juice, full baguette, croissant, more bread, homemade jams and yogurt. I didn’t touch the baguette. I hope they served it to someone later.

5 thoughts on “Day 18 – Moissac

  1. I’m a sunflower nut. Loved seeing the beautiful field of them. So glad you are having such an amazing experience. Glad the shins are hanging in there:)

  2. Bill, I am loving following your pilgrimage! Thanks so much for the pictures and sharing your experiences. Take care of your leg!!

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