Day 19 – Auvillar

14 miles today. Should have been 12, but I accidentally took the hilly route. I won’t make that mistake again. Who am I kidding? I probably will.

Last night the vespers service was fantastic. The nuns singing echoed off the stone walls of the cathedral. I’m not sure what angels sound like, but there is a good chance it’s like that.

Over 250 miles completed. More than half way through France.

Bill, what’s the worst thing about the hike so far?


I’ve dealt with mosquitoes a few times, and flies, especially around the cows. I also walked through a bunch of bees twice. I hate bees. The trail was really narrow and about 20-30 bees were flying around a plant near the trail. I just sucked it up and went through them. Then, about a 100 yards later, it happened again. No stings, fortunately.

The rocky downhill sections of trails suck too. All the pilgrims complain when we face one. You have to pick your way downhill slowly and carefully. Hiking poles are mandatory on those sections.

Much of today’s walk was along a 19th century canal that was used to help connect the Atlantic to the Mediterranean.
A lock on the canal. Still functioning.
The church in Malause. I had lunch in this town. I was surprised to find a store open on Sunday. Most towns shut down completely.
Urinals. You can see why Europeans don’t understand why Americans make such a big thing about who uses what bathroom.
Hiking up a hill. Sorry it’s a bit long to listen to me gag for air. Skip this if you’re easily bored, but if you like to hear me suffer, this video is for you!

9 thoughts on “Day 19 – Auvillar

  1. Bill, thanks for posting that video with me in mind. I do like to hear you suffer! It does raise a question though. Amidst your gasps for air I hear the sound of a hiking pole, but just one. Are you holding the camera in your hand, only using one pole and increasing the difficulty level to impress the judges? If so, I give you at 9.5! (Points off for all the complaining.)

  2. Doug and I read your blog everyday. It is amazing… you are amazing. Many years ago I walked the Susan B Komen 3-Day. 60 miles in
    3 days and I can’t even imagine doing that for many days in a row! You are a rock star!!!

  3. Bill, so nice to walk with you while climbing up hill. You have seen and shared with us some magnificent sites. I’m glad you shin splints are doing okay.

  4. Bill, I think you’re doing a fabulous job of entering into the very wonderful and quite unique spirit of this Camino… and of rolling with the punches!
    I offer by way of encouragement a few lines from one of your medieval predecessors:
    Go Pilgrim, pursue thy quest:
    Go on the path, may nothing stop thee!
    Take your share of the sun and your share of the dust;
    Your heart aroused for the ephemeral!

  5. Gasp away! What a hike. Don’t you just love uphill with no apparent down hill? You are doing an awesome job both on the Camino and on your blogs. I love reading what you write, looking at the pictures and of course keep those videos coming!!!

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