Day 20 – Flanarens

Easier stage, only 11 miles. Although it was hot, it was a pleasant walk and I had time to explore each village along the way.

It’s Monday, and many businesses open late or not until tomorrow. So, I have to plan in advance for food. I did luck out and find a place serving drinks that was open for a couple hours, so that was nice.

Bill, what’s better in the US than France?

Showers. European showers are so small. and those handheld shower heads are a pain.

Air conditioning. Europeans see us as wasting energy on AC, but it’s 90 degrees, man.

Ice. Getting ice in drinks is a challenge, and when you do its just one or two cubes.

The only restaurant open in Auvillar last night was a burger place. So I got a burger and fries and sat in the park.
Its hard to take photos of stained glass but this one from Auvillar worked well.
The village of Saint Antione. I was surprised to find a bar open and got a cold Coke.
The Sun was hot today but there was enough shade to keep things reasonable.
Staying at a nice farm house tonight. They’ve got beer and a pool!
A video of walking into and around Flanarens.

14 thoughts on “Day 20 – Flanarens

  1. When you say 11 miles is an easy stage, it is clear you are in the swing of it. That burger looks delicious. I have celiac, so would have a hard time of it with bread being such a large part of the meals. Fun video.

  2. I remember thinking how old everything looked when I visited Europe 30+ years ago. Funny, it still looks old. It’s amazing that the structures survived WWII and are still in use today.

    Delicious burger photo! I bet you’ve worked off every last calorie by now.

    You’re doing great! Hope the shin splint pain is subsiding!

  3. Bill,

    Your photos are beautiful and your brief writings are fun to read and informative, I look forward to them each day. I am so happy for you to be able to continue your adventure.
    Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Hi Bill, I’m having a challenge leaving a comment so hope I’m not repeating myself! I So enjoy following your incredible journey and so happy you are feeling better! Thanks for the amazing photos (really love the path through the trees) and your daily commentaries. Sara Armstrong King (Sue’s Mom)

  5. You haven’t mentioned your shin splints in a while, so I hope that means your pain issues are behind you. I’m loving the daily updates and the videos make it feel like we are on the adventure with you!

      1. I bet I would love it! I’m curious – have you encountered many non-religious hikers on the Camino?

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