Day 36 – Pamplona

No bull, that was a great hike. Even though we had to walk through the suburbs to get to Pamplona, most of the hike was very interesting and missed the most urban areas.

I left early so I would have time to explore the city. That was a good decision.

Bill, what’s your favorite part of the day?

I love the morning walking after the sun is up. Pleasant temps. Great light. Fresh legs. When I’m praying for folks at that time, I sometimes pray… Give them the sense of contentment and wonder I have right now.

My second favorite is after the hike is over, my clothes are washed, and I’ve showered and changed. It’s great to relax with a sense of accomplishment. That’s also when I often go out exploring the town.

The region of Spain is Basque country. Basque country spans part of northern Spain and southern France. There is a strong desire for independence here. I saw “This is not Spain” graffiti several times today.
Bridge leading into Arre, a few miles before Pamplona. We went over several beautiful bridges like this today. Most of these have been used by pilgrims for centuries.
Trail leading to the edge of the suburbs. Some buildings can be seen in the distance.
The walls of Pamplona. Gigantic and impressive.
Video: Bull running time.
Bonus video: Cafe for pilgrims. Today this was the first cafe of the day after 6 miles, so it was hopping.

5 thoughts on “Day 36 – Pamplona

  1. Bill – love the running of the bulls segment of the day. Thank you for sharing from the beginning through the center of the ring. Keep on running! (OK – hiking 🙂 !!

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