37 – Puente la Reina

Big climb today, but I’m a pro now. No problemo. Overall, I walked 16 miles with 1700 feet of vertical climb.

Today, I talked for 10 to 30 minutes each with people from Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Texas and Minnesota. It’s so interesting.

Bill, do all the pilgrims carry their own pack?

Nope. There are services to deliver pilgrim luggage to each town. It costs about 5€ a bag per night, I believe. Many people use these services. They’ll carry a small day pack with them on the trail with necessities and the rest will be delivered to their lodging.

The annoying pilgrim purists don’t like this, but that’s just the intense few. Most people think it’s great. Anything that makes the Camino accessible to more people is a win.

I walked around Pamplona for about an hour last night. it felt like a “mini Barcelona.” I loved it.
This was part of the long steady climb from Pamplona.
Alto del Perdón (Stop of Forgiveness). This is the high point after the climb.
The main pedestrian street in Puente la Reina.
1000 years ago, the queen grew angry with ferrymen ripping off pilgrims that needed to cross the Agra river, so she commissioned this bridge (“Puente la Reina” means “queen’s bridge.”). It’s now one of the most recognizable structures on the pilgrimage.
Only on the Camino. A vending machine for blister-care products.
Ran into a film crew making a movie in a small town near my finish.
Video: Alto del Perdón

8 thoughts on “37 – Puente la Reina

  1. Bill. Nice work on the 16 miles! Just curious. How many people would you say started the walk with you and how many are left?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love getting your posts each day, Bill. It’s like a late morning snack I consume between meetings. (I’m assuming you remember what meetings are…)

    I also love how casually you write “The main pedestrian street in Puente la Reina.” If only more US cities had main pedestrian streets!

    1. Who are you trying to fool? We all know you consume them during meet!

      I’m 100% in agreement about pedestrian areas. The old town parts of Europe have it right.

  3. I love your noting of “purist”….it’s like those people who say you’ve never really heard the Beatles unless on vinyl….give me my digital music in my pocket any day! That being said…you do you 🙂

    How is the food now that you’ve changed countries? Tapas daily?

  4. Watched The Way last night, thanks for the recommendation (threat) to watch it. Well worth it. I would want a private room also after seeing the rooms full of beds. Fun to see the same sights as in your posts.

  5. Loved the wind power video. I think it is great that there are many ways to complete the hike. Book ahead, don’t book ahead, carry your own pack, have someone move your things for you. Much more inclusive. I think The Way has many right paths.

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