Day 38 – Estella

Not much to report today. Woke. Ate. Walked.

At this point, I think the Camino in France is prettier, but the Camino in Spain is more fun due to all the pilgrims.

For example, I walked down the street today and friends invited me to sit down and have a drink. Then I went to dinner and knew at least 10 people in the restaurant. Every time someone walked in, they were welcomed like long lost friends. Then I went to the grocery store and saw a women I met back in Saint Jean. Every town feels like your home town.

Bill, which nationalities are most represented on the Camino?

I’d say Korean, German, Canadian, American and French.

One Korean ex-pat told me the popularity of the Camino in Korea is due in part to a TV show called “Korean Hostal in Spain.” It’s a reality show featuring some Koreans running a hostal right on the Camino. (Yes, Shirley, this means we will be streaming Korean reality TV when I return! Lucky you!)

Korea also has a very large Christian community, so my less cynical side hopes this is s factor too.

The trail leading out of Lorca. You can see pilgrims walking down the hill on left. Most of these little towns have stops for pilgrims to get a bite to eat and use the restroom.
Today’s walk went over some Roman roads including this bridge. Roads 10 times older than our country… amazing.
Statue of San Veremundo in Villatuerta
Another medieval bridge for pilgrims. I love imagining all the people that have walked over these before me and that will walk over them after me.
An international group of officers that supports the Camino.
Video: Walking around Estella.

2 thoughts on “Day 38 – Estella

  1. We’re re-binge watching Game of Thrones right now and some of those photos could be film sets. Amazing. i look forward to your daily posts…

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