Day 39 – Los Arcos

Wine fountain day. Free wine from a fountain for pilgrims. What could go wrong?

Bill, how are you holding up physically?

Really well. My shins are fully healthy. My back is good. My legs don’t really get tired during the day.

My only issue is my small toes have some soreness but if I tape them, I barely notice them.

My body has adapted pretty well after nearly 40 days of walking.

Many other pilgrims are on their 5th or 6th day and are facing physical challenges. I hear complaints about blisters, knees and shins. Often I see people by the side of the road rubbing or taping their feet. The Camino is definitely hard on the body., especially when people aren’t fully prepared.

My dinner buddies… Chet and Linda from Arizona. Here we are last night at a fun restaurant that served a bunch of international food options. It was really good.
We had two options today. To the right… a flat road with a number of villages with cafes and stores, To the left…a mountainous road with few towns but nice views. About 80% of the pilgrims take the flat road. Which would you take? You chicken! Take the mountain road! I did. I was happy to see several friends made the same decision including Antonio from Italy who took it by accident. Btw… total distance today was 13.5 miles.
The views from the high road reminded me a bit of France.
The mountain road went through some nice forests.
Los Arco where I’m staying tonight. It’s pretty small. Not a lot to do.
Saw this car in a small village. Almost knocked on their door!
Arrived at wine fountain about 8:00AM, but what the hell.

4 thoughts on “Day 39 – Los Arcos

  1. Way to go taking the mountain road! That would be my choice too 🙂

    Of the pilgrims you’ve talked with, I’m curious what % are doing the full distance and what % are doing only some of it.

  2. I’m curious about the kinds of political discussions you might have along the Camino — while walking or in the evening. What are the hot topics in France and Spain. Perhaps a topic for a future blog.

  3. Bill, that wine idea is fantastic! Was it good? What a hoot seeing that Michigan sticker. Glad to hear your shins have healed and that you are in great physical shape.

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