Day 47 – Castrojeriz

The Meseta.

It’s notorious with pilgrims. A week of flat plains. It’s where your mind is forced to overcome nothingness. Today was my first day. I actually really enjoyed it.

Bill, have you noticed the strong dollar making things more affordable?

Definitely. I think the pilgrim costs are lower always, but add the exchange rare and it’s great.

If you are thinking of traveling to Europe, this is the time.

Walking into Hontanas.
Approaching Castrojeriz. Notice the fort above the city.
The ruins of a convent just before Castrojeriz.
Anyone who has hiked with me, knows I can’t resist a climb with views. So before checking into my hostal, I climbed the mountain to the fort. It added a couple miles to the hike, but I considered it a Camino birthday present. Pictured, Castrojeriz from above.
The ruin of the fort above the town.
Due the isolated nature of the Meseta, emergency support personal monitor the trail to support pilgrims.
A group of pilgrims sang Happy Birthday to me on the trail and one guy bought me a beer!
Video: Morning on the Meseta.

19 thoughts on “Day 47 – Castrojeriz

  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like your non busy birthday got busy with more pilgrims joining in! Have fun!🎈⛰😘🍻🥖🍨

  2. Happy birthday, Bill – you’re doing great! Your old ILT team was trying to think of something encouraging to say, and all we could come up with was “Shut up and walk on” – ya know, along the lines of “Shut up and work harder”. Thanks as always for your stories and vista photos!

  3. Happy Birthday, Bill!
    What a great way to spend your birthday, walking the Camino. I just wanted to note that I enjoy watching your daily adventures. They are so insightful!

  4. Happy Birthday, Bill!!!
    This one will always be remembered.
    Thank you for sharing el Camino with us.

  5. Happy birthday, Bill🥳🥳🥳🥳. I’m loving your posts. If you bump into James and Joanne, fellow pilgrims, make time to get acquainted! They will soon be finishing their pilgrimage and spending winter in Key West again. Really great people!

  6. You and my dad share a birthday! I got to spend time with him in Pittsburgh yesterday and it was nice to catch up on your posts this morning. It’s been great following along. Keep going!

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